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Just One of Those Days

This is the extent of my studio work — another composition from my screen printed fabrics, called Cityscape.

Today, I planned a lot of time in the kitchen using the fruit I bought at the farmer’s market, yesterday. My dang nose had other plans. I am back on cortisone nose spray and the heat is on because it has been cold so my nasal passages are very dry. This morning, I blew my nose and a fountain of blood poured forth for what seemed forever. I finally collected myself and got on with the day, but I was not happy with the situation.

I did manage to make a batch of peach freezer jam, a batch of plum chutney which we had with grilled pork tonight (yummilicious) and I roasted copious numbers of cherry tomatoes to use for pasta and pizza. I will have a lot more tomatoes by the week-end.

I finished the cooking just in time to get cleaned up and head to the eye doctor. I have had some blurriness which he says is the start of cataracts. I knew that was coming sooner or later. Not bad enough to deal with, yet. I have to go in for a field of vision test, whatever that is!!

Good news! My Entwined Roots in the SAQA auction sold today so I don’t have to worry about that. It is a fun thing to do, but you don’t want to have it sitting there with no one buying.

I have been asked to be a last minute substitute for a panel discussion at the SAQA show at the NW Quilt Expo. It is about Finding Your Artistic Voice. Terry Grant was already scheduled plus one other member from Portland. I think it will be fun.

5 Responses to “Just One of Those Days”

  1. kathy says:

    Love the sketchbook piece Gerrie. I too hate it when dry weather comes as my nose dries up too and the membranes bleed. Have you tried running a humidifier?

  2. Pammyfay says:

    The field of vision test–which I’ve done several times–is painless! They don’t need to dilate your pupils (hooray). And it’s actually kind of like a video game. You just put an eye patch over one eye at a time, look into this bowl-shaped thing, they give you a clicker to hold and all of a sudden you see little blips of light–to the left, to the right, to the very far left, the very far right up, down, and of varying brightnesses. You stare straight ahead and just hit the clicker when you see a light. An easy test to check out your peripheral vision ability. This will be your “base” test, and they’ll do the same test every year or so to compare. Compared with the other things they do to my eyes at the doctor’s (like putting any drops in–I hate them and they sometimes sting), this is like a party!!!

  3. dee says:

    Me and my nose are thinking of you and yours. The cortisone works well but until it does I’m always afraid I’ll get a sneeze and a gusher while I’m out somewhere. Since my days are essentially spent in the hospital lately I guess they can handle a nosebleed…sigh

    The plum chutney sounds divine. I had something very similar on a pork roast once. It was very good.

  4. Diane D. says:

    Yeah Gerrie – congratulations on the sale of your SAQA auction piece!

  5. We have an Italian plum tree that has loads of fruit this year that I have been trying to process. I have many jars of plum vanilla jam and attempted plum chutney. Do you have a special recipe for the plum chutney? Do you have suggestions for what to use the plum chutney with?