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Short Attention Span

Not much to show for the couple of days since I last posted. I am trying to remember what I did yesterday. Oh, I burned a CD and sent an entry to PAQA South’s ArtQuiltsmovement. I really had to stretch the artist statement!! I will not be surprised if I don’t get in. Anyway, I am still wandering. I am not lost, just not focused.

The next Twelve by Twelve colorplay theme is chartreuse, selected by me. This afternoon, I started pulling out some chartreuse fabrics and some other fabrics to fill out a palette I have in mind. The first photo is some silk that I might use.

Here are the hand-dyed cottons that I came up with.

I then looked through my commercial fabrics and came up with some that might be fun to fit into the mix.

Tonight, I did some sketches for this. I know what I want to do, now, I have to see if I can pull it off. Tomorrow, I will be Mistyfusing some fabric.

We have been having miserable rainy weather. This afternoon, the sun came out for a bit. Mr C and I took Scooter for a walk at the Rhodie garden. All of a sudden, I see that it is pink season in Portland, again.

And for all the Scooter fans, he got a haircut in preparation for two weeks out at the doggie farm (now canceled). He looks so skinny.

The news from Japan is not very good tonight. Such a triple disaster.



2 Responses to “Short Attention Span”

  1. Connie Rose says:

    It hasn’t stopped raining here, either, all week. Definitely soggy. I love the fabrics you’ve pulled together, look forward to seeing what you create with them (I’d much rather be working with the twelves’ challenges than my own groups’). Scooter does look awfully long and lean. Hope you do get into the PAQA show, I considered entering but decided against. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

  2. Francoise says:

    You’ve got a lot of chartreuse fabrics! I need to get things going.