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Life’s a Beach

And a bitch! The early morning burglar struck again. This time he got my purse. I had to spend Tuesday from 4 in the morning until I went to bed, recreating my life and preventing the theft of my identity — driver’s license, checking account, credit cards, etc. And, yes, he/she got the new electronics. The insurance company is not happy with us and I can’t blame them. I have been so vigilant about locking the back door without any help from anyone else who lives here. Monday night, I was exhausted from the week-end festivities and getting up early to get Lisa to the airport. I went to bed early and forgot my routine of hiding my purse and locking the door.

In all of our other recent houses the garage was connected to the house so if the garage door was shut, we didn’t worry about the back door into the house. Here, it is detached and there in lies the problem.

Yesterday, we had a state of the art alarm system installed which we can put on a timer. It makes a very irritating and loud sound when the house is entered and the alarm is set. The police are also notified. I hope this works. Enough is enough.

Wednesday, I left for Seaside, on the Oregon Coast with my STASH friends. The houses we stayed in are next door to each other and on the promenade, a walk way the goes for a couple of miles along the ocean front.  So we had beautiful views of the ocean. The views included copious amounts of rain and some sun breaks — all beautiful. The photo at the beginning was our first day. That evening we had a brief respite from the rain and had a sunset.

Thursday morning, the rain stayed away for awhile and people headed out to walk. You can see a couple with their black labs in this scene.

To the left, we could see Tillamook Head. We drove up there in the afternoon. There are some gorgeous homes and a hiking trail.

On Thursday night we drove up to Astoria for dinner at a Bosnian restaurant. The food was great. As we left, we could see another beautiful sunset.

The six of us had such a fantastic time. We visited a wonderful quilt shop in Canon Beach. We sat around and gossiped and did hand stitching. Terry finished fusing her next Twelve by Twelve quilt. On Thursday night, we played Apples to Apples accompanied by a couple of bottles of wine and much hilarity. It was all very therapeutic for me.

Today, I helped with the Columbia Fiberarts Guild booth at The Gathering of the Guilds at the Convention Center. We were rented space from the Handweavers. There was so much beautiful stuff — glass, beads, metal work and ceramics, in addition to the fiber stuff. I had sold a couple of shibori scarves by the time I left today.


So, now you know why I have not blogged this week. I hope you are having a nice week-end. It is really beautiful here in Portland.

8 Responses to “Life’s a Beach”

  1. Gay Ousley says:

    My, Gerrie, so sorry you were burglarized again. Persistent thief!

    Your travel-log was such fun to read! Dave and I have been married for seven years. When we were dating, he insisted I needed to see the Oregon Coast. We stayed at Cannon Beach, enjoying the great Pacific. We drove to Tillamook and ate cheese. Then we drove up the coast, by Seaside,to Astoria. That’s where he proposed!!
    I also love that quilt shop and shopped there more than once while we were there. And I made a silk-painted, applique’, and quilted piece for our office to commemorate the occasion. Thanks for reminding me of the wonderful time there. Gay

  2. Natalya says:

    oh Gerrie! so sorry for your troubles! I just do not understnd these types of people….
    what a beautiful getaway you had though!

  3. Diane D. says:

    Oh my gosh, not again! I’m so sorry, Gerrie. I hope the new alarm system does the trick.

  4. Pam says:

    Oh No Gerrie! so sorry about your burglary. It makes me so mad when people take something that is not theirs. But then I try to think about they must have an awful life. It’s too bad you had to replace so many critical items. Beautiful photos from your trip!

  5. Connie Rose says:

    Oy! Glad the week ended with good times to make up for the beginning of the week. What a drag, I’m truly sorry. The alarm system sounds like the right move. It’s too bad that we have to resort to such things these days. The world isn’t what it used to be (although in many ways better…like in being older). Hope you have a great Sunday. Hugs.

  6. I’m so sorry you’re having to go through all this crap again. Glad you got away to spend some fun time with the STASH group. Won’t bring your stuff back but at least you had some laughs. Beautiful place to blow off some steam.

  7. KathieB says:

    WHAAAAT? So sorry to hear of the burglary. Hope you’re able to get your life back together with a minimum of strain.

  8. Jeannie says:

    Oh Gerrie, I am so sorry about the buglary. That has happened to me and it is so unsettling. You were are my favorite spot to get away. I love Seaside and Cannon Beach and would love to move there. Unfortunately, C doesn’t have my affinity for rain. The quilt store in Cannon Beach is wonderful, as is the glass blower studio. Hoping to get down there soon and again in the fall. Take care and be safe.