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Endless Summer And Fiesta

For the orange Twelve by Twelve colorplay challenge, I painted raw silk and silk organza with Dynaflow paints. I loved the fabric so much, I ended up creating two pieces. The above piece was created by cutting strips of the painted fabric and fusing the composition and then machine stitching.

Here is the raw silk fabric that I painted.

Here is a detail:

As I was working on this, I kept having a flashback to a memory of something. It finally came to me. When we were a young married couple, Mr C and I fell in love with a certain poster that brought a bit of summer to our Schenectady, NY home. So I have named this piece, Endless Summer.

I love painted organza. I have made many pieces with it.

I painted some batting with the orange Dynaflow. I scrunched the organza and pleated it and ironed it and pinned it.

I then started stitching by hand with Perle cotton. I finished it late last night. Whew! I thought perhaps I should name it Insanity, but instead, it has the fun name, Fiesta.

Here is a detail:

Now, I have to decide which one joins the Twelve by Twelve group. Do you have an opinion?

Reminder: if you haven’t left a comment for a chance to win Masters Art Quilts Vol 2, go to yesterday’s post and add your two cents. The drawing will be on Tuesday.

7 Responses to “Endless Summer And Fiesta”

  1. Sheila says:

    Oh, go for the first one, although both are terrific pieces. If there’s one thing Portland doesn’t have is endless summer, so your effort to capture it makes it worth of inclusion. It is also more graphic.

  2. Betty Meissner says:

    I thought about it and the winner is: Endless Summer

  3. I love your painted fabric, beautiful shades.


  4. nancy says:

    marianne a raison, je crois. le deuxieme a beaucoup texture et lumiere. moi, je le trouve un peu plus rafine. j’adore le broderie aussi.
    i didn’t realize you spoke frenc, gerrie! … as far as the drawing, i already have one, so don’t include me. thanks though!

  5. Jeannie says:

    I am no help as I like them both. I love the graphic qualities of the first one and the texture and stitching on the second. I guess Endless Summer simply because that is one of my favorite Beach Boy albums;D

  6. Marianne says:

    Un petit faible pour le deuxième et j’ai adoré l’exposition de twelve by twelve à Birmingham . Rien ne remplace de les voir en vrai, ce fut un grand plaisir pour les yeux

  7. Connie Rose says:

    They’re both beautiful and so unique. I couldn’t presume to tell you which one I like better!