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Week-end Doings

Checking in from rainy, cool Portland. Summer is taking her time arriving. We get a taste of sun and warmth and “poof”, it is over. I think we have at least one more day of drizzle.

Yesterday, we had an artist’s tea at the gallery where the textile show is up. Several of us did demos of some of our techniques. Terry was on a panel that discussed the whys and hows of what we do. I prepared a postcard of a sunflower using silk scraps; I showed 3 different stages. Here is my display:


Here are the postcards, clickable to see larger.

sunflowerpostcard1.jpg sunflowerpostcard2.jpg sunflowerpostcard3.jpg

I actual had attendees who had never seen a fiber postcard!

When I got home, it was rainy and with nothing else to do, Mr C and I went to Macy’s to buy new bathroom towels because there was a sale. I couldn’t resist this, which was on the sale table.



Today, we had the pleasure of attending M & M’s drama class presentation. The play was written by the kids in the class. The title was “Alice in Idaho.” Mia is totally into Alice in Wonderland and Miles wanted to have cowboys so Alice ended up in Idaho where the cowboys live. Don’t you just love it? Here are some photos, to see more go to my Flickr site.




For those who wondered about the edge finish for the cruciform quilt, I will do a tutorial later this week. Now, for the Soprano’s finale.

4 Responses to “Week-end Doings”

  1. Judy says:

    Please do not divule the Soprano ending Gerrie! It will be a while before we get it on Netflix and I don’t wanta know!!!
    The kids look so cute! Love Mia’s dress!!
    Glad you got that colander, so I didn’t have to buy it…’cuz you know I would have! LOL
    I believe it was Mark Twain who said that about the SF weather. I flew into Portland with Craig on July 4th one year, and our flight attendant (who lived there) said it was the first day of summer. We did have beautiful weather! Send us that drizzle…we’d love some relief from this drought!

  2. Jeannie says:

    Thanks for the chuckle! I love the idea of “Alice in Idaho”, but why Idaho? Summer in the Pacific Northwest kind of stutter starts, but come mid July I am always wishing for rain and cooler temps. Different topic – I just got the mail and my order from Jane Dunnewold was there and I placed the order on Thursday! Talk about speedy service! So you know what I will be doing today – sunshine, new books, coffee, and a glider in the garden. Hope you have a great day! Cheers.

  3. beadbabe49 says:

    Someone once made a comment about SF along the lines of a summer there being the coldest winter they had ever experienced!
    The same holds true for Portland.
    July is when Summer actually arrives…don’t believe your calendar!

  4. Kristin L says:

    Cute kids! I hope the others in the class got some say in the play a well. I can imagine all the crazy adventures Alice might have gotten into based on what kids are interested in 🙂