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Love Me Some Silk Organza and Paint

That is more like it. I had an epiphany during the night. So this afternoon, I headed to the studio and painted some silk organza with orange and yellow paint. Here it is drying.

I roughly cut the shapes of the poppies and covered the silk poppies on the little quilt.

I stitched around the organza, following the outline of the poppies beneath. Then I trimmed close to the stitching with the result up at the top. I am very happy with this. The organza gives a nice texture, too.

Tomorrow, I will do some free motion quilting to define the petals and add some texture. I also want to add some leaves and am working on how to do that tonight – maybe with hand stitching with Perle cotton or maybe with a little green silk and machine thread work. The leaves are very lacy.

5 Responses to “Love Me Some Silk Organza and Paint”

  1. Judy says:

    ohhhhh: so much better!!


  2. kathy says:

    GREAT save, Gerrie. That really made a difference. I find when I am working on anything representational (which isn’t often), I can’t stand it if it is flat…I guess that’s why I paint highlights on rocks! There’s just something not right about flat rocks (or flat flowers for that matter!).

  3. Diane D. says:

    What a creative way to add that extra yellow – it looks great.

  4. Karoda says:

    love those middle of the night and early morning epiphanies…

  5. Jeannie says:

    Wow Gerrie! What a difference that made. It really added the spark. Looking good!