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Reflecting and Anticipating

I saw this post on Facebook and thought it would be a good thing for me to do:

Take the time today, on the last day of 2011, to write down what you accomplished. Don’t reflect on what you didn’t do – focus on the good. Make it happen next year if you didn’t accomplish all you wanted. No excuses!

I had some heartbreaks last year — the two invasive burglaries and the cancellation of our trip to Japan. All happened in the first few months, and in some ways, informed how I handled the year, creatively. I went back over my blog posts, and see that I was sick too often, which was part of the whole depression that I was feeling. It was also enlightening to see the positive things during the past year. Here are my highlights:

Did lots of experimental work. I did new things like felting, more hand stitching, made more of the organza pocket pieces.

Twelve book published. The Twelve by Twelve group successfully published our book about the project and it received lots of great reviews.

 My Daughters’ accomplishments. I have reveled in the successes of my two daughters. Their work will continue to grow and inspire in the next year. 

 Trip to Southern California. Mr C and I enjoyed a road trip to California in May, culminating in a trip to the Disney Theater in LA, which I enjoyed, immensely. The trip was rife with lots of creative inspiration. 

Artistic Accomplishments: Klee’s Castles sold for $350 in the SAQA auction. I had quilts accepted into venues where I had previously not had success: Art Quilts Lowell, La Conner Quiltfest, and a SAQA juried show, Layers of Meaning. I also had work accepted into local High Fiber Diet and  SAQA Oregon shows. My work was also seen in the PAQA South show and the Chandler’s Art Quilts Year XVI: Something to Say. Not too bad, really!!

New York Trip We enjoyed a short, but sweet visit to NYC and then a grand time with my family as we celebrated the wedding of my niece, Becky, in upstate New York.

New Deck Our new deck, designed by my son in law and built by my son is a welcome addition to our comfort and the beauty of our home. We really love it.

Cataract Surgery I can see! I can see! This has been a highlight — I had no idea how much the cataracts had influenced my color sight. I love spending much of the day without glasses at all.

Twelve off to Houston The trip to Houston IQF with 8 of the Twelve group and all 288 of our quilts has to be the highlight of the year for me — on so many levels. Meeting many of the twelves for the first time, meeting many online friends in person, hearing the accolades for the work we had done — it was all so lovely.

Thanksgiving and Core Family Time I know now why my MIL and my mom cherished the times with all the kids and grandkids. These get-togethers and visits were high points in my year.  And knowing that their will be a new grandchild in March is just frosting on this cake.

It is nice to put the year in the proper perspective. 2012 is a clean slate. I am wondering where it will take this grateful old lady!!


5 Responses to “Reflecting and Anticipating”

  1. carol johnson says:

    Happy New Year Gerrie!!! Thanks for your inspiration. I really enjoy your blog. Cheers!

  2. Karen Rips says:

    What a nice reflection on the past year Gerrie.

  3. Jeannie says:

    Happy New Year, Gerrie! You have accomplished so much this year and I hope 2012 brings you even more artistic successes. Thank you for being such a positive spot to stop each day.

  4. Kristin L says:

    You really have accomplished and enjoyed a lot! Cheers to an even better 2012!!

  5. Judy says:

    positive reflections – what a great idea!