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Discharge Workshop Day One


It was a beautiful day in Portland today. Here is Reva at work in the fiber studio at the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts.

This is my first piece, discharged with some syringe writing and stamping with some circles.


It was a spectacular day for drying the discharged pieces.


We did discharging with a paste made of sodium alginate, thiox and soda ash. You can stamp, paint, screenprint, etc. The fabric is allowed to dry and then steam is applied with an iron or steaming in a big pot. You do not need a respirator until heat is applied to the paste. Here is Reva looking quite elegant in her’s.


Here is a piece that I did with the skinny masking tape. I taped a design on the fabric and then brayered the paste over it. You have to wait until tomorrow to see the result.


This is a screen that I prepared using torn masking tape. I did two pieces using this. One of them was a weird brown fabric that I had dyed ages ago. The discharged areas turned purple and it is really cool.


I did several other pieces, but no photos. After the steaming, they went into the wash. So, we will have the final reveal tomorrow. I love the camaraderie of a class like this. I am always so productive when I am in a group setting.

Lisa arrived safe and sound. It is so good to have her in the house. We took Maggie for a half hour power walk when I got home. Tonight, she took us out to dinner for a belated Mom and Pop’s day treat. I saved some Weight Watcher points for the dinner so that I could have wine. I ate no bread or dessert. I had a gorgeous mista salad and lamb and fava beans. We went to Nostrana, a happening and fairly new Italian restaurant. We have never been there and we will go back. It was good!

6 Responses to “Discharge Workshop Day One”

  1. Reva says:

    Thanks for capturing my respiratory fashion statement, Geri. Mind if I cross-post it to my blog?

  2. Jeannie says:

    What a wonderful plan for a fun weekend – exploring discharge and having Lisa visiting! Love Reva’s apron. Have a great time and remember we are all waiting at our computers for an update (grin). Cheers

  3. Jen Anderson says:

    What a wonderful day! Looks like great fun, your results so far are exciting.
    A class with Reva is on the someday list for sure.
    Have fun with Lisa! Jen

  4. Judy says:

    Well, I just cannot wait until your next post so that we can see your results! Remember, we are all waiting, so don’t go off and spend the day with Lisa and not leave a few minutes for your adoring audience! LOL
    Dinner sounds lovely…don’t you love those extra pts on WW! Go Girl!!!

  5. Kathie says:

    What a fun class! I’ll be watching for the results, once you have them ready.

    Have fun with your daughter. Lucky you to have her for a whole week’s visit.

  6. Diane says:

    This looks like so much fun! Can’t wait to see the results!