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It is Good to Be Green

It is the mantra of many of us and a very big deal in Portland (the greenest city) — Go Green!

Two of my quilting friends, Terry and Robin, have posted patterns for cloth bags to replace the plastic ones for grocery shopping. Robin even sent me fabric, which I will make in to a bag one of these days, I promise.

One thing I have decided to do to go green, is to reduce the amount of junk mail and catalogs coming to my home. I found the organization, Green Dimes, which for a nominal membership fee will handle the paper work for you and plant a tree every month. I think we have seen a reduction, and I am sure that our new mailman will be very happy.

Here is some green that we picked up today:


This area outside my studio is waiting for some shade plants:


I also came home with this fabulous post in which I will plant geraniums.


We had a nice, cool day in Astoria yesterday. I took almost the same pictures that Terry took so I will only post this one of Terry, Reva and Linda at the Astoria Column.


I has a bit of a panic attack because Gale’s low cal lunch was spinach, sundried tomatoes and goat cheese baked in phyllo — delicious, but a lot of Weight Watcher points. She did have a lovely green salad which I chowed down. Dessert was the STASH requisite food when we are on the coast — Tillamook Ice Cream. I has a bit of that, too. That is the great thing about WW, you can have anything — in moderation.

Today, I spent most of the day playing with some SDA photos in photoshop and updated the store page on the site. I also auditioned some fabric for binding the Japanese pink quilt. The first is a striped Japanese fabric:


The second is the backing fabric. As I was playing with different fabrics, I looked at the backing fabric and wow, I think it works. My problem is to find something that works that is not too dark with the delicate colors that I have used.


I must get myself upstairs and cleaned up to go out to dinner. We are going back to Nostrana where Mr C will have a pizza and I will have a salad with some kind of protein. The salads there are phenomenal. I will take my camera so that I can show you all.

3 Responses to “It is Good to Be Green”

  1. Reva says:

    I love the way the backing fabric looks!

    Nostrana’s on our list for next week, sometime. MUST get there soon!

  2. DebR says:

    That pot looks like it was designed just for you!

  3. Diane says:

    I am loving your pink bamboo piece! That bamboo image you screened is stunning.