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The Merry Month of May

May is going to fly by for me. I hope I can make all my deadlines.

Above is the last of the purple 3 X 3s with some hand stitching. Here is the whole month together.

I will be playing with green in May. I put away all my purple fabrics and scraps and starting looking for greens. I have a dearth of green fabrics. I had loads of purple because I don’t use it much in my work. I use greens quite a bit. Also, many of my greens fit into the yellow green category, which I will use later.

Here is my first green offering.

I hope you all went over to the Twelve by Twelve blog and checked out all of the cool map quilts. A great variety of ideas and creative takes on the theme.

One Response to “The Merry Month of May”

  1. connie rose says:

    Yes, the quilts by the Twelves are all wonderful!