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Checking In From Isolation

Sunday, May 3rd, 2020

Time seems to be passing slowly and then all of sudden, you realize that it is a new month and you have neglected the blog. I spent the last two weeks making more face masks and finishing the above piece for the SAQA benefit auction. I had nine blocks of the indigo dyed raw silk. For each one, I embroidered a circle motif using cotton dyed with madder root. I assembled them into a nine patch using embroidery floss dyed with indigo.

These are some of the masks I made. They were sent to Navajoland in New Mexico where there is a dire need for masks because of a large outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. I am starting another batch to send to them. I got t-shirt yarn cut to use for ties.

I have 3 more torn paper collages done since I last posted. They are all Covid-19 related.

And that is about all I have done except spend a lot of time doing online grocery shopping and hoping everything shows up. I hope you are doing well as we all continue to shelter in place to stop the spread.