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Where Was I?

Sunday, March 31st, 2013



On Wednesday, I came down with a nasty gastroenteritis bug and was not up to doing much of anything until today. I managed to make a delicious Easter dinner and spend some time in the studio. I am so happy with the piece I am currently fusing into place.  I think I can start quilting it tomorrow.

Yesterday was Stephanie’s birthday. She and her family went down to Astoria for a couple of days for some R & R for her birthday. Today, I gave her this gift which I tried to wrap in the best Stephanie manner!! It is a piece of stitched shibori and hemp twine.




I managed to finish quilting (you see where my mind is) knitting the back of Paige’s sweater. Will start on the fronts later tonight. Should be easier now that I have the pattern down.

I was able to get on a pair of pants that I could not wear last year. You are probably wondering why I bought them? They sort of fit when I bought them, but I never wore them because they were just too tight. On a whim, I tried them on today. Voila!



My hope is that in another month, they will be too big – well, maybe, two months.

Hope your week-end was great. We had glorious warm and sunny weather, in the 70’s. We spent some time on the deck and it was such a treat.


Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

ww 03-27-13

Paige is a Year Old

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013



Hard to believe that our little sweetie is a year old today. Here she is with her Mama at the daycare wearing her birthday crown. And just look at that set of teeth she has! She has brought so much love and light into all of our lives. I can’t wait to see her next month when we will all gather in San Francisco and celebrate her birthday and her Mom’s Master’s degree in Public Health.

It was a bad day for me on the work front. I had a big e-mail to do for SDA which is going out in the morning to all members, but the worst was an e-mail for one of the reps which was corrupting the template that I use for the Constant Contact e-mails. It took a while, but I finally found a long url which was forcing the block to expand and look all weird. I was so happy to get that one out. I get more tired and achy when I have to sit with the computer all day than when I am up and about doing other things.

I finally made it down to the studio tonight. I had a surge of energy and almost have the X and O quilt ready to fuse and quilt. Here are a couple of sneak peeks.





I love these colors – make me so happy as I work on this.

Tomorrow, I am getting fresh color on my hair. It really needs it. I think I will go back to the more coppery color for spring and summer.

Here is my drawing of the lounge chair in my office.

drawing 3-26-13


I have decided that my drawings are like my quilts – kind of organic and whimsical and not at all precise!!

The Pink (Sneezing) Season

Monday, March 25th, 2013



It is that time of year here in Portland, so pretty and so pollen filled. I have been sneezing and itching my eyes. However, I think my anti-inflammation diet has helped with my sinus congestion. I saw my doctor today and she was very pleased with my latest blood test results. My cholesterol keeps dropping – 127 – and my triglycerides dropped 50 pts. My HC1 test is now within normal range so I am no longer pre-diabetic.  I hope to lose some more weight and get that number even lower.

We had a nice week-end with dinner out and an Oregon Symphony concert on Saturday. I have had a hard time getting the big quilt finished – the one I can’t show you yet. Today, after the Dr. appt., I went to Joannes and bought the 100% cotton batting that I need for it. I got it cut to the right size and had a good day of working on it. Tomorrow, I am determined to finish it and have it ready for quilting.

The sketches that I did are meh. I need to try the step stool again. The tissue box is a rerun. I think this one is better.

drawing 3-25-13


drawing 3-24-13

Feeling Lazy

Friday, March 22nd, 2013




I don’t know if it is the return of the cold weather or what, but I have not felt like doing much today! I did accomplish a few things, anyway.

Remember this quilt that I had so much angst over. It has gotten lots of positive feedback. I took it outside today to get a better photo of it. I am happy that it will probably be purchased by Trinity for permanent installation there. It has been approved by the arts committee – they are paying for it. Just needs to be approved by the higher powers in the church. Here is the original photo.



I also finished the SDA members’ show piece and got that uploaded and did the entry on Cafe. Good to have that behind me.

I tested some de Colourant discharge on some black silk I have. Interestingly, one piece that I had in my stash did not discharge at all, but the piece I dyed a few weeks ago did. Here are the results. I used the gold and the plain. The gold is the little circles. I think I can have some fun with this.



I had a bit of SDA work that took up my morning. Here is today’s drawing. Scooter was sitting in front of me, looking out the window. He didn’t stay there for long so I had to finish it from memory!



I have to sign off – we are watching Skyfall!!