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I Haiku; Can You?

Friday, September 30th, 2011

A photo of the Scooter Man, just because!

When I made the Haiku book this week, I promised the class that I would attempt to write some Haiku to put into the book. This afternoon, I did some research about Haiku and found that the rules are not as rigid as I thought. So I began writing. Here they are:

Asleep on your bed
A sound awakens
Sudden mayhem

Your fragrance fills the air
Trees dressed in color

Curled up on the sofa
Nose in a book

A serious expression
Brain is working over time
You are a mystery.

Tastes like late summer
Red and juicy
Tomato love

I plan to do some watercolors on the pages and then print the Haikus. It was fun and almost addicting.

Elder Sentinels

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

I have had a desire to make a piece about old growth forests. My last attempt was not very successful. I love the mystery of them. The trees stand like sentinels, watching over the  landscape they inhabit.

I used 3 photos that I have taken in forests of the Northwest. I played with them in photoshop and then printed them on silk with my large Epson printer. I had this amazing, earthy hand dyed fabric that I have been saving for this piece.

This is the enter photo that I manipulated in Photoshop and printed on silk.

These are the other photos that I printed in triplicate for the side panels.

This piece is a departure from what I normally do, and I am not over the moon about it, but it is not too bad, I think. Here is a detail:

On another note, my second cataract surgery was uneventful. I opted not to have any sedation and was very relaxed through the whole procedure. It was nice to come home and not be blotto. I was able to drive the car and pick up some groceries and drop the CD for the show at the FedEx store. I have mild pain in the eye tonight, but I am seeing quite well. I don’t need my cheater glasses for most things – like working on the computer.

I must stop and pay attention to Project Runway, now.

Goal Met and a Fun Class

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

I finished the quilt for the SAQA Oregon juried show. It is photographed and the cd and entry form are ready to overnight to Eugene tomorrow. I will post a photo of the finished quilt tomorrow.

The photo I have posted up there is of a Haiku book that I made in a class tonight at Trinity. I have not written any Haiku in it yet. I have never really tried to write a Haiku and I am going to challenge myself to do it.

Here is the process:

We covered the front and back covers with decorative paper. Next, we tore watercolor paper into pieces to fit in the book.

We then drilled holes through the covers and the papers. We strung leather ties through the holes.

We tied pieces of wood to the ends of the leather to keep it from slipping loose.

There were some high school and middle school kids in the class with us. They had printed paper earlier in their other art class and some brought theirs in to use for their books. Here is one done by a kid who is brilliant and has just decided to major in art. The other papers are an assortment that we got to select from for our books.

Next week we are doing a more complicated book with holes cut in the pages to reveal pictures. I have to come up with a theme and get some photos printed.

Tomorrow morning is my second cataract surgery. Can’t wait to have both eyes seeing true colors!!



Oregon Old Growth Trees

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

For the Oregon SAQA State of Diversity juried show, I am attempting to do a quilt about old growth trees. This is a photo that I took and printed on silk – it is about 13″ X 18 “.  I cut it into 4 pieces and mounted each piece on green fabric.

I also have these smaller closeups of trees that and printed them in triplicate.

This is the background fabric:

I am doing a balanced symmetrical layout with some tree trunks framing each side. I am using this fabric for the tree trunks.

It didn’t quite blend in with the other fabric and photos so I went at it with some black and green paint.

This really isn’t a very good photo of the end result.

I got the layout done and started quilting it tonight. The quilting is bringing the piece together. I am feeling better about it than I was this afternoon.

I need to get this finished and photograph it tomorrow so that I can overnight it to arrive on Friday. I am always working up to the last minute.

SAQA Auction — Last Week

Monday, September 26th, 2011

This is the last week for the SAQA auction. I picked up this piece by Rosemary Claus-Gray last week. She works with sheer fabrics, and I can’t wait to see this in person. I think it will be even better than the photo.

I had a nice week-end filled with time with M & M and catching up on a big database job on the SDA website.

Today, I picked up my Old Growth Forest piece that I want to finish for the Oregon SAQA show. It is due at the end of this week. I wanted to print some photos, but my big Epson printer needed serious help. I have not used it in ages. I have a new computer since I last used it so I had to upgrade all the software and install new printer cartridges. I finally got some good prints tonight. I think I can assemble and get it quilted in the next two days. I have my second cataract surgery on Thursday so I have to get it done by Wednesday.

Hopefully, I will have some photos to post tomorrow.