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Losing Focus

Friday, April 30th, 2010

I am ready to move on to something else, but I have  set my goals and I will make them!! It took me until late this afternoon to get these latest two 6 inch square pieces done. These will be an homage to the pink season here in Portland. I still need to add some pink petals to the trees and the ground. I love that background fabric which was languishing in my stash.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the Kilauea Twelve X Twelve challenge reveal. I will post two and I need help deciding which one should be part of the final 12 pieces.

Tonight, I will watch a movie with Mr C and stitch, stitch, stitch pearls onto the batik pieces.

More New Work

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

I got to work early this morning and made the two aspen pieces before I went for my morning walk and had lunch. This afternoon, I picked Mia up from school and she hung out with me while Steph took Miles to see the ENT doctor. I did some hand stitching on some work while she played on the computer and entertained me with her chatter.

Miles has a hearing problem which the ENT feels might be due to fluid in his ears. He is older than the normal candidate, but he will have tubes put in his ears in the near future. He has been seeing a speech therapist, but until they get the hearing dealt with, it really is not that beneficial.

We all went out for pizza, except I had a salad with shrimp.  I am doing so well with my low carb eating. I have so much energy and I continue to slowly lose weight.

After we got home, I went back to the studio and made the other two 6 inch square pieces — an indigo piece and a skinny bits grass landscape. I am hoping to get three more done tomorrow. And I also need to add the pearls to the eight batik pieces.

Making Batik Sandwiches

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Since the Artists Among Us show is on Mother’s Day week-end, I thought I would make a few things (in addition to the scarves) for moms. I put together eight of these today. Here is a detail.

I am going to embellish each hand with some pearls. Then I will add the backs and a little hanging ring.  I have so many batiks, I will never use them up!!

I want to do a few more landscapes on the 6″ X 6″ gallery wrapped canvases, too.

I spent most of the morning with my dental hygienist and my dentist. My teeth are sparkly clean and I have a temporary front tooth. I will go back in June to get fitted for a new crown.

We had some really wild weather this afternoon. It poured rain and hailed so much that it looked as if it had snowed. Then the sun came out.

Today was the unveiling of the Twelve X Twelve quilts in Australia. There are some photos of Kirsty and Brenda hanging them on the Twelve X Twelve blog. It made me so happy to see them there  in all their glory that I cried!

What a Day!

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

I awoke early because Mr C was taking my Lexus in for service at 7:30. I had several mundane tasks to accomplish — 3 loads of laundry, inventory for the show next week to be sent to the show computer guru, an inventory for a guild project and hopefully, some time in the studio.

I accomplished everything and managed to lose a front tooth. I am so bad about using my teeth to tear open a plastic bag — this time, my tooth disintegrated. Fortunately, I have an appointment tomorrow for cleaning and so they will give me a temporary cap until we figure out what I need to have done.

I decided to perk up some of the plainer scarves with some printing. I used a stencil  and black screenprinting ink for the rust dyed scarf, above, and the blue shibori scarf that I dyed a couple of weeks ago.

Another scarf that I did back then was also kind of boring so I did some copper printing on it.

Here is a detail. I used corrugated cardboard.

Not sure how much I will get done tomorrow since I am spending the morning at the dentist.

Dyeing Day 3

Monday, April 26th, 2010

The silk black dye worked its magic. These two scarves were underpainted with the dye soup. The scarf of the left was clipped with some bag closers that look like barrettes. The larger scarf was pole wrapped. I just love these two. Click on any of the photos to see it enlarged.

These were underpainted with a turquoise to green gradation. The smaller scarf was accordion folded and held with rubber bands.

This was the yellowish orange shibori scarf from yesterday. I overdyed it with rust and then pole wrapped and it went into the black dye. Silk has fewer dye receptive molecules so by the time this got into the black dye, it was just about done in. Still has a subtle beauty.

These were dyed with the chartreuse dye first. The piece on the right was folded and held with rubber bands.

These were underpainted fuchsia to cobalt blue. The scarf on the left was tie dyed with rubber bands.The tied circles are all different colors – very cool.

I am really happy with these. I had a problem with the wrapping coming off the poles so some of these have one end that does not have as much of a pronounced shibori pattern, but it all works.