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Chocolate Love

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

What a day!! I have posted my Chocolate Love piece on the Twelve X 12 site. You can read all about it there. Here is a close-up tease.


We have two refrigerators in our kitchen. It took Mr C quite a while to get the new one installed. We then had to wait for it to get cold. It has a Turbo Chill feature which helps to speed cooling when needed.

I spent most of the day getting the chocolate piece done. I also have lovely red hair with a very nice hair cut. Of course, I had to watch the debate. We are fired up and ready to go!! Woo hoo. Moving up in the polls and feeling good.

Tonight, I finished this week’s color exercises for my online class with Liz Berg. I have piles of fabric on the floor and left over snippets. The most fun was making analogous, complementary, split complementary and triad color schemes with my favorite color on the Ive’s color wheel. I used chartreuse!!

On the agenda for tomorrow: work on the church youth website, rearrange refrigerators, clean up my studio mess. M & M have no school tomorrow so they are coming in the afternoon to spend the night with us. Good stuff!!

Losing It!

Thursday, January 31st, 2008


I am up to my eyeballs in stuff. I have piles of colorful fabric that I am using to cut little squares for my color exercises in Lizzie’s class. I love doing the exercises, but I can’t really concentrate.

The Chocolate piece is giving me fits. I am having a problem with my printer and I keep getting ink smudges. Today is D-day as in Done Day. I must find a solution.

The new fridge is arriving momentarily. That means moving food from the current fridge to the new fridge after it is installed. Then I have to move garage fridge stuff to that fridge once it is moved to the garage.

My hair is a mess so I am taking a couple of hours this afternoon to get new color and a trim.

I haven’t been able to read blogs or answer e-mails. I am sorry and I miss you all. I will be back.

But, I really did lose it at WW, yesterday. I lost the gain of last week plus another half pound so I am at a new low. Whoopee! At least there is something good in this post.

Ta! Back to work. You will see Chocolate tomorrow. Terry!, I am making a list so that my left brain can be in control for a bit.

I’m Really Hard at Work

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

Thought I would check in to let you all know that I am busy, busy. Well, I am probably watching wa-a-ay to much political stuff on TV. I am such the political junkie – really. And the events of the last few days have just fueled my addiction.

Since I came of age in the 60’s, I was thrilled with the Kennedy endorsement of Obama. I thought his speech was fantastic. I actually became a Democrat in the early 60’s because of JFK and Mr C. I think this is why Obama caught my attention early on. It will be a tough fight to win the nomination, but I Believe. Yes We Can!!!!

I have been working on the chocolate piece. I will get it quilted tomorrow. Here is a sneak peek of it coming out of my big Epson Printer. It is printed on silk charmeuse.


This week we are doing color exercises in Liz’s class. I just realized I did one of the exercises wrong. Have to do it again, but then I love to cut up little swatches of fabric and glue them into my sketch book, I really do.

That’s it for tonight.

Saturday Satisfactions

Saturday, January 26th, 2008

It has been a pretty darn good day for me. I have been sitting on my hands for a couple of weeks as I endured the behavior of our former President and his wife. Which one is running or are they a team. Anyway, I digress. I think their political tactics are reprehensible. I hope I don’t have to hold my nose and vote for her in November.

However, today, in South Carolina, perhaps something magical is on the move again. Obama won big. I mean, it was a rout. I couldn’t have been happier, unless the Clintons had come in third. Now that would have been seriously good. Tomorrow, Caroline Kennedy is endorsing Obama. That is good news. A big time New York Democratic woman is endorsing Obama.

This morning, Mr C and I ventured out in the freezing rain and went to the coliseum to check out the home show. It was pretty much a bust. So then we went to George Moreland to check out bathroom furnishings as we are planning a major master bathroom renovation. I discovered the Villeroy and Boch brand. Ooo la la. Here are a couple of examples of some cool vanities.



I wasted the afternoon doing some errands. I didn’t go for a walk because it has been very rainy. We enjoyed watching the SC returns come in. I made roast pork loin, roasted veggies and spinach salad for dinner. I worked on my sketch book for the design class, pasting my compositions in and labeling them. I was thrilled with the critique that Liz gave my work. I am trying very hard to be the teacher’s pet.

We watched a movie that Terry recommended. I think she loved it so much that she purchased the dvd. It is Once, a sort of musical set in Dublin. Mr C was a little leery, but we both loved it.

Then!!, I got to watch the ice skating nationals for women. This is another weird love of mine. There are some really wonderful young skaters.

So, it was all in all, a very satisfying Saturday. The only think that would have made it better would have been some M & M time.

P.S: did you know that Steph and Maria are doing a year of evenings at 3191? Click on the link in my sidebar to see their wonderful photos of their evenings.

Thursday This and That

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

I have been working very diligently on stuff that I cannot share. My office and my studio are still giant messes from moving stuff when we covered the windows.

Liz Berg’s class requires some real hand’s on work time. I have done all my homework for the week. Since I have nothing else to show, I will share one of my exercises.


I have also been working on the Chocolate piece. I made some great progress in the last two days and I have not touched a bit of fabric. What is she doing, you ask. You will have to wait for another week.

I am going to bury my weight loss/gain for the week. I was up about a half pound. I had a rough week — too much eating away from home and I also have been craving chocolate and wine. The really cold weather does that to me. I am back on track, now. I have to set a good example for Kathie, who I have inspired to go back to WW.

Well, that is about it for Thursday, which is just about over anyway.