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Portland Places

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

I spent a good part of the week-end manipulating photos in Photoshop which I then printed on Extravorganza. The photos are of parks and landmarks around Portland. I have fused them to the quilt background. This is a photo of Cathedral Park which is under the St. John’s Bridge.

I also am auditioning some of my organza water fabric as an embellishment for the river.

I think it gives a lovely depth to the composition. Once I fuse the organza down, I can start quilting.

I took some photos of Scooter today, just for fun. Here he is for all the Scooter fans. He has his nice heavy, fluffy winter coat. He loves the cold weather and the snow.

On another note, we are getting such lovely reviews of our Twelve X Twelve book. Be sure to check out Virginia Spiegel’s review on her blog.

Snow Day

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

We awoke to this lovely sight. By the time I left for my dental appointment at 10:45, it was gone. This afternoon, another layer of the white stuff covered our neighborhood. It turned very cold and so the snow is still there. We are due for temps in the low 20s overnight so it will be icy by morning.

I have been working away on the bridge piece; and I am at that point where I am having a love/hate relationship with it. This morning, I almost gave up on it.

This is the new color palette:

Sometime during the night or early this morning, I realized that I needed to ditch the earthy colors and go with some brighter colors. When I started out to make this piece, I wanted it to be fun and fanciful so I spent the morning pulling out new fabrics that would look reminiscent of an imaginative landscape. I also felt that I needed a bit more order so all the squares are the same size. The whole background is cut, placed and fused.

My next plan is to embellish and collage some interesting things to the background and then get the quilting done this week-end.

I feel like such a slug. I was at the dentist office for quite a while so I missed my morning walk with Mr C and Scooter. This afternoon, I begged off going out in the cold temps and snow. My Pilates class will probably be canceled in the morning because of icy roads. For my sanity, I will just have to go out and walk in the cold.

Earth Colors

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Today, I put away the water colors and pulled out earthy colors. I am cutting random squares and rectangles and creating more background on the bridge quilt.

I always get a little muddled when I start doing this. I am afraid of having a muddled mess. I have to keep reminding myself that nothing is permanent until it is fused and stitched.

We were supposed to get enough snow today to cause closures and messy driving. It has not materialized, yet. It is going to get rather cold tonight so if we do get more precipitation, it could provide us with a layer of the white stuff. I have a dentist appointment in the morning, but it is just down the street so I  don’t expect it to be a problem. However, I do loathe driving in winter conditions.

I Have a Plan!

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

When I first heard the theme for the show for which I am making the current piece, my mind went to a certain place and could not be budged. I was not sure how I would execute the idea that I had. I forged ahead and found a way to create the bridges. Today, a plan for executing the rest of the piece came to me. I made quite a bit of progress. The photo is a sneak peek. The photo was taken at a weird angle, but then, I don’t want to reveal too much.

I think we may get snow here in Portland — what strange winter weather we are having — spring seemed to come early and now, winter rears its ugly head. I am stocked up on food and supplies and have plenty to do, so bring it on!!

I am still so excited by all of the great responses we are getting to the Twelve X Twelve book. I love the book, but to have validation from so many others is really the frosting on the cake.

Painting Bridges

Monday, February 21st, 2011

I have 4 bridges drawn, cut and painted. I am quite happy with them.  I wanted to do one more bridge, but I don’t think the composition can manage one more bridge. I need to get the background done to see if I can add one more.

I tested some different paints and colors before I started painting.

I wanted to scan some Portland area maps to print on organza for this and I found out tonight that my scanner driver does not work with the Mac Snow Leopard OS. This happens every time I upgrade. Thankfully, my Epson printers work. I have a request in to Canon for some help. I hope I don’t have to buy yet another scanner.

We had an uneventful week-end. We went to Mia’s basketball game. Her school has not had basketball teams in the best so they are just getting started. They always lose by a lot of points, but it was such a thrill to see the heart and excitement that they give to the game. They are the Chinooks and they wear t-shirts that were printed with real fish.

Tonight, when I was working in the studio, I heard Scooter barking and Mr C yelling at him. Scooter ran downstairs and this is what he looks like when he knows someone is mad at him.

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