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Happiness is

Friday, August 31st, 2007
  • finding this on my walk yesterday.


I have been looking for my own piece of construction fence for improvisational screen printing. I had seen a lot of it around a new section of sidewalk and thought about asking the owner of the house for a piece when he was finished. Well, there it was, yesterday. They were dismantling it and I just asked for piece and it was mine!!

  • spending the afternoon with M & M. I served a lunch of macaroni and cheese, hot dogs and watermelon. We dined on the deck and I taught them to say al fresco, which they thought was quite amusing.

It was quite hot yesterday and the siblings are getting a little testy with each other after a summer of togetherness. I finally suggested setting up a little installation of their little things on the back slope of our yard. It was a miracle. They suddenly were cooperating and having a great time.



They also made some chalk drawings on my studio patio. Here is Mia’s self-portrait.


Milo did these drawings of weapons. He is fascinated with knights and vikings and pirates.


But, look, isn’t he just Mr Cute?


Tomorrow Mr C and I are going to work the food pantry at Trinity in the morning and then go out to lunch and take in Art in the Pearl. I will try to remember my camera. Labor day week-end is always a special time for us. We were married on this week-end, 43 years ago. Our actual anniversary is the 5th. Mr C has made reservations at the Willows Lodge in Washington State wine country. We will drive up on Tuesday and come home on Thursday. I am a lucky lady!!

Oh, Oh! It’s Wednesday

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

I have to report in about my weigh-in. Well, it was bound to happen, I didn’t lose any weight this week, but I have determined that my clothes were at least a half pound heavier than last week. Is that obsessive? I am not deterred. My clothes are all getting too big, and I do not cringe when I look at my reflection.

Someone in upstate NY is my best friend today. Last week, I mailed a cd of jpegs of two quilts to the Quilt=Art=Quilt juried show. Today, I got an e-mail saying the cd was blank and could I resend it. Yikes!! I Fedexed it and am very relieved that I was given a reprieve. I checked it on Mr C’s pc just to make sure it was working on both platforms. Cathy Kleeman has an interesting post today about entering shows. I share most of her thoughts and problems with the whole issue of entering juried shows. First of all, why do they all want entries in the fall? Then, there is the cost — is it worth it? And staying on top of which quilt is entered in which show and how long they will be gone, etc.

I just finished doing my inventory and tag information for my stuff for the Japanese Garden Show. That is a big relief. I only have a bit more to do on the Winter Bamboo Fence. Last night, I attached two pieces to bamboo hanging rods.


Here is a close-up of the attachment, done with beading thread and beads. I can not take credit for this, I stole it from Terry. You make a small hole in the bamboo and thread the thread through it and the beads.


Tomorrow is a cleanup the studio morning and an afternoon with M & M. It was in the high 90’s here today so if it is that hot tomorrow, we might just turn on the hose and wash my car.

Finishing Touches

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

I have to send in my inventory for the Japanese Garden show at the end of the week. So I am trying to get everything done. Here are the two little framed pieces that I did. After seeing the photos of last night’s lunar eclipse, I have named them Lunar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse 2. I had a little problem with reflection in the glass. The actual work is about 4 and half inches square.


Here are closeups. Click for larger views.

lunareclipsecloseup.jpg lunareclipse2closeup.jpg

I also finished the winter bamboo fence. This has a facing and will have a silver bamboo hanging rod.


And a closeup:


I like the original bamboo fence better, but this was fun to work on.

I need to attach the bamboo rods to this and two other pieces. I also have several silk scarves that I am putting in the show.

VIRTUAL IRAQ WAR PROTEST: Time for an update on the virtual protest. I hope that those of you who received bumper stickers and have not sent me a jpeg of your sticker for the virtual protest will still do so. I just added a new photo. If you have not checked out the virtual protest which is on my Flickr page, just click on the End this/endless bumper sticker on my sidebar.

Week-end Wrap-up

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

We had a great family dinner on the deck on Friday night. We had chicken pesto sausages, corn on the cob, Sesame ginger slaw, roasted rosemary potatoes, tomato-basil-mozzarella salad and for everyone else, ice cream and raspberries. M & M spent the night so that Steph and Jack could go out with Mark and Jayme.

After a hearty breakfast of pancakes and bacon, Mark and Jayme packed up to head back to California yesterday morning. Here they are in front of a nice clean car (compliments of M & M, well sort of).


Look at the dewy grass in our landscaping – so pretty.


After they left, Mia and I got to work in my studio. She started stitching the quilt that we are making for her American Girl doll, Kirsten. Notice the hand embroidered square with Kirsten’s name.


After they went home, I got some work done on my Japanese Garden pieces. Mr C and I went to the 5:30 showing of Bourne Ultimatum! It was a white knuckle experience. Then, after dinner, we watched the very charming Breakfast on Pluto, an Irish film about a transvestite who discovers that his father is the parish priest. I was on sensory overload and couldn’t get to sleep.

Today, I worked some more to finish the Japanese Garden pieces. I bought a couple of matted frames at IKEA last week, and I thought I would make a couple of small pieces for them. Here is one possibility. It is not stitched, just a possible use of some of my shibori pieces.


Tonight, I splurged. I made pizza margharita with Trader Joe’s whole wheat pizza dough, Roma tomatoes, basil and fresh mozzarella. It was soooo good.

Exploring Portland

Friday, August 24th, 2007

Yesterday, Mark, Jayme and Mr C and I went exploring in Portland. First, we took the tram from down on the river up to OHSU. This was my first opportunity to take the high ride. It was lots of fun and we got on for free. As we were about to get our $4 tickets, someone with a Tram Escort badge asked us if we would like to be escorted and ride for free — duh! We were happy to take the ride with her.

Tram coming!


Portland from the tram.


Since Jayme will be applying for medical schools in another year, we were interested in taking a walk around this vertical campus. OHSU sits way up on pill hill in Portland. There was some interesting architecture.


This is the tram structure.


After we made it back down to the river, we headed over to the Pearl district to find the Tanner Springs Park. This is a 2 year old park that was created in the midst of high rises on what used to be wetlands, with a creek running through. Now the creek flows under the city through pipes, but is referenced in the park in small stream beds that end in a pool with koi swimming, happily.





I just loved the rusty, wonky fence that was made from old railroad ties.


Here M & J, hamming for my camera!


We then walked up to Jamison Park, where many children were enjoying the water on a very warm afternoon.


Then we went to this beautiful spot to check out the Farmer’s Market.



Such beautiful stuff:

pfmberries2.jpg pfmflowers.jpg

pfmpeppers.jpg pfmcauliflower.jpg

Next on our adventures, was the 50% off sale at Patagonia. bought myself a fleece vest for the fall, with high hopes that it will fit by then!!

For those who enjoy my photography, you can see more of our day yesterday on this flickr set.

We had a lovely dinner out at Nostrana, but it is not WW friendly. I think it will be off my radar for a while.

Today, M & M are here. Right now they are soaking wet from helping Uncle Mark wash Jayme’s car. Tonight, we will have a family dinner. I love these times of gathering my loved ones close and enjoying their company.

Tomorrow, M & J will leave, and I will get back to work in my studio!! Lots of deadlines are looming.