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Friday, August 31st, 2012

This looks a bit wonky! And it is a very dark blue-green. And the last of the blue-greens. Here is the batch.

September will be red-orange. I went searching for fabrics and didn’t find very much so this could be challenging.

I also got some work done on my kelp blocks for the water piece I am working on.

It was such a beautiful day here in Portland. I love the lingering of summer in September. This morning, Mr C and I attended a memorial service for the husband of a friend.  It was a nice service with a lovely reception. Nice to see many friends. At my age going to one of these gets you thinking!

Can’t believe that it is Labor Day week-end. Hope to have a BBQ with the family and go to the Art in the Pearl. We were married on labor day week-end, but our anniversary isn’t until Wednesday.

Hope you have a great week-end.

Thursday This and That

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Whew! I’m glad that is over! The RNC Convention that is. To keep my blood pressure stable, I have kept from watching it and only followed live blogging which adds levity to the proceedings.

My quilts arrived home from Southern California yesterday so today, I had to drive to Woodburn to return the two elements quilts as the show is going to make it’s debut next week. It is an hour each way, but it was a pretty day for a drive and I took the back roads rather than the interstate.

I wanted to show you the beautiful etching that I bought in Bodega at one of the galleries. The gallery reps the prints of Stephen McMillan. I was in love with all of his work, especially the larger etchings of the California landscape. Here is a link to his gallery. I bought a small print of trees that I now need to get framed.

When I got home from our trip, I found this beautiful fiber postcard in the mail from my friend, Connie Rose.

This afternoon, I got caught up on my 3 x 3’s. It is almost time to work with another color.


I am hoping to get to work on the water quilt tomorrow. I am attending a memorial service for the husband of a friend in the morning. I can’t believe that it is the end of August and the end of the week. Time goes by too fast for me.

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

chartreuse tree in Mitchell, OR

Halfway Home

Monday, August 27th, 2012

We have left the California Coast and are in Ashland, OR, on the way home. I am ready for some time at home and in my studio.

We had a great time in California — hanging with the family. I got to see Paige, Mark and Jayme for an all too short time on Saturday. On Sunday, Lisa and Clay came by and it was great to see them.

On Friday, I spent some wonderful time with my friends that I used to hang out with when I lived in Santa Rosa. We had lunch and lots of talking at Janet’s home. She is 88 and an unbelievably energetic and happy woman.

Here she is, with my friend, Pam, in the background.

And here are Pat and Diane. Pat, Diane, Janet and Rita and I were the gang of five. We used to have so much fun together. They have added some new people to the group since I left.

On Friday night, the family went out to a great restaurant in Valley Ford which specializes in oysters. It was fun.

Saturday, was the birthday dinner which was catered. Here is the table with wine ready for guests.

Here is the caterer describing the menu.

Mark, Jayme and Paige came up for the afternoon and evening. Here is Paige with her second cousins.

Here is the birthday boy with his two grandchildren and the birthday cupcakes.

I brought Paige the Steiff bear that Mark had when he was a baby.

I also bought her this adorable chullo – a Peruvian hat!

On Saturday, the fog went away and we had a beautiful sunny day. It was perfect for a barbecue and fun on the beach.

Here are the rest of my 3 x 3’s for the last few days.


A Foggy Good Time

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

We arrived in foggy Bodega Bay. The weather forecast I posted is so wrong. However, we are having a great time.

Here are my adorable great nieces, Celeste and Viola (almost 3 and 6). They live here in the area with their Mom and Dad, but have been spending time at the rental with their Oma and Opa.

Yesterday afternoon, we took Scooter out for a walk and had a look see at the beach, but didn’t go down.

I love the colorful vegetation.

And the windswept trees.

I love the rustic ruggedness of this area.

We took a walk to the top of the hill and saw this silly sign.

And some thistles.

This morning, we took a drive into the town of Bodega and did some shopping. I will show what I bought later. There were some nice artsy shops and a little grocery.

This afternoon, we took the little girls and Scooter and ventured down to the beach.

Viola got there first and wondered  what was taking us so long.

Celeste had a little trouble navigating the sand.

Mr C and Viola went down to the water so Viola could get her feet wet. Celeste has a very healthy respect for the water and wanted to stay far away.

Tonight, we took Mike and Ann to The Farmhouse Inn in Forestville, one of our favorite restaurants. You have to get reservations pretty far in advance. We were not disappointed. We each thought we had the best meal and we all had different things. We did the wine pairings and had some really great wines. I had a sparkling sake with my Gravenstein Apple Tatin. Yum!!  Truly wonderful.

Tomorrow, I am going to have lunch with some of my oldest and dearest quilting friends. I can’t wait to see them.