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Quick Check-in

Friday, May 31st, 2013



We have been ensconced in our lovely Mill Valley, CA home for a couple of days. We had an uneventful drive down except that I had a raging sinus headache which miraculously disappeared after being in this lovely, warm dry climate. Scooter was happy to go to the K-9 resort for a few days to catch up with his doggie friends.

When we got to CA on Wednesday, it was warm and sunny with beautiful cloud formations.



I always love to see the golden hills of summer as I drive through CA.

Our Mill Valley rental is up a canyon and in the redwoods. This is a view from the wrap-around deck.



This lovely Bougainvillea is growing on the deck. You can see a fuchsia behind it.


Steph and her family arrived at lunch time yesterday. The house is very spacious and with nice amenities so we are having a great time. Last night, Clay’s family came over for dinner so that we would have a chance to get better acquainted before the big events. I made roasted veggies and quinoa and potato salads — all vegan and gluten free. And, Mr C grilled assorted sausages. I had fresh berries and ice cream for dessert.



Here is Clay’s Mom with Stephanie and Lisa.



And, Clay, chatting with Jack, her brother Mike and her Dad.



Miles and Mia have been enjoying the hot tub.



Today, Steph and Jack got up early and went to the SF Flower Mart to buy flowers for the wedding. She is now working on Lisa’s bouquet.



I am waiting for my New York family to show up for lunch and then tonight is the rehearsal shindig at Lisa and Clay’s home in Oakland. I am having a wonderful time seeing so many people I love. Not sure when I will check in again.


Restrained Frenzy

Sunday, May 26th, 2013



Yes, I am really trying to stay calm in the face of all I have to get done by Tuesday afternoon. I just realized that I had neglected to gather my supplies for Kerr Grabowski’s design workshop. I think I have most of the stuff I need, but she said to bring as many paint chips as we could so I need to make a little trip to take care of that.

I had looked in vain for the right jewelry to wear with my dress to the wedding. Today, we took a trip to downtown Portland as I wanted to look in the Everything Silver shop in Pioneer Square. They didn’t have just what I wanted and we wandered into a funky little shop called, Katmandu, run by a young hippy couple – so adorable were they. I got this necklace, which was made in Afghanistan. Love it. I also got these earrings which were made in Nepal.



The colors in the photos are not quite true, but they look great with my dress.

On Saturday, we went to the AT&T store and upgraded our phones. I now have and iPhone 5, which I love. Mr C had a 4s. We have been having fun with Siri. I got a wild Otter case for mine.



I spent yesterday and this afternoon, designing and printing name badges for the conference. I will get them shipped to San Antonio on Tuesday morning before we leave Portland. I had to have pre and post conference workshop badges, conference badges, vendor badges and day passes. I still have to finish stuffing them into the plastic cases.




This morning, I had my last Sunday School participation. We had an end of the year party and celebrated Trinity Sunday. The kids got to decorate Trinity cookies.


I probably won’t post much over the next week. I am getting so excited to see the family from near and far, my little Paige, all of Lisa’s friends, Clay’s family and then I get to head to San Antonio for a fantastic fiber week. I am so blessed.

I have to end with this bit. The young Moms I work with in Sunday School could not believe my age and wondered my secret. I told them it is sun screen, hair dye and good attitude.

Checking Things Off My List

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Montanas y Lunas copy


If I am going to leave for California next Tuesday (and I am), I have to keep moving and shaking and getting things done. Yesterday, I sewed the sleeve and made a label for my XOXO quilt as I had to ship it off before I leave town. I also finished the hand stitching on my SAQA quilt, Montanas y Lunas. I submitted the online auction entry form for SAQA. Tomorrow, I will get it in the mail and cross that off my list. Here is a detail:

Montanas y Lunasdetail


I love the organic quality of this and the texture. I don’t know if it will sell, but it is the type of work that I like to purchase.

At the end of June, after I get back from San Antonio, I have to have a submission done for the next High Fiber Diet exhibit, Simply Red. I pulled out my red fabrics to see what I have and to encourage some creative juices to flow.

I have some nice organza. The piece on the left is silk as is the black and red in the middle. I am pretty sure the other piece is synthetic.



I also have a funky piece of cheesecloth that might be interesting with something else.



These are various shades of hand-dyed red cotton.



I was thinking that I would try to do a larger piece of shrinky dink red with a discharged design. So I did a couple of discharge samples. The one of the left is with Soft Scrub with bleach. I left it on for quite awhile with hardly any change. The one on the right is deColourant discharge paste. I like what has happened so I think I will go with that. I just have to come up with a design that will work with the shrinking process. I probably will do a sample as I have not done this with cotton.

red dischargesamples


I have been working on the name tags for the conference. I have several different types to do and I need to get them printed and shipped on ahead to San Antonio so that I don’t have to take them in my luggage.

This afternoon, I headed out to the mall to get a few new things to fit my shrinking body – I especially needed new summer pants. I also got some new black sandals that I really like. Tomorrow, I am going to try on my dress and see if I think it needs to be shortened. I also need to go through my clothes and decide what to take for the upcoming events. Making lists and getting things done – that is my life, right now. Since we have the return of winter weather, I might as well be hunkered down, getting things done.

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013


One Down, Two to Go

Monday, May 20th, 2013


Artists Among Us is history for another year. The show closed yesterday. Last night I reconciled the database with the receipts. This morning I printed all the sales inventories and headed to Trinity to help with art pick up. When I got home, it was almost 7 pm. I made some dinner and headed to my basement hideaway and settled into my sofa and did some hand stitching on my SAQA auction quilt for two hours while I switched back and forth between The Voice and Dancing With the Stars. It was so nice to do some hand work.

The bowl up there is our purchase from the show, made by our featured artist, Chris Baskin. Here is a photo of him with the display of his beautiful work.



Here is one of his beautiful pitchers with his work as the backdrop. There were several beautiful arrangements around the room, using his pottery.



Here is a photo of some folks chatting with Terry Grant’s quilts in the background.



We had several middle school kids from the church who served yummy food at the Gala. They were so gracious and seemed to be having a great time.



We had lovely music provided by very talented members of Trinity.







Mr C sold wine tickets. Looks like he is not getting much business.



And here are my two co-chairs on the right with Chris, our featured artist next to me.




It was a whirlwind week-end with lots of work. So, tomorrow, I get back to working on the SDA Conference and planning for attending Lisa’s wedding. We leave a week from tomorrow.