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Still Safe at Home

I have been hunkered down, dealing with pollen and a sinus infection. I have continued to make masks, but have also picked up some unfinished projects. I am also doing my weekly torn paper collages.

Last year, I started knitting squares to make a Welcome Blanket. The Welcome Blanket Project aims to connect people already living in the United States residents with our country’s newest immigrants through stories and handmade blankets, providing both symbolic and literal comfort and warmth. At the same time, the project offers a positive, hands-on way to understand the scope of a 2000-mile border wall and to subvert it from an idea of exclusion to one of inclusion. By participating in this project, people will also come together to talk about immigration policy and how it affects real-live people.

I have knitted 16 squares with two color complements in each square.

I am now stitching them together. I had to order more yarn online which is hard because I could not remember the brand or specific colors so there is a bit of a variation on the orange and chartreuse knits.

I joined a June challenge group with the goal of assembling the 100 blocks that I made last year. My first activity is to trim the wonky 5 inch blocks to 4 1/2 inches.

This is a container of the blocks.

I also did this beast of a jigsaw puzzle:

Here are the other torn paper collages that I have finished.

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