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Art Every Day 30

Monday, November 30th, 2009


Thus ends my endeavor to do art every day this month. I think I did quite well, all things considered. Now, I will have to come up with titles for my blogs again!!

I have been working on the pink challenge so I can’t show you anything. My other project involves getting the Twelve X Twelve quilts ready to go to Lark for photography for the book. I just printed labels on muslin which I will fuse to the back tomorrow. I also took photos of them just in case something should happen to them en route. My next job is to make a cloth bag to hold them. I wanted to  make some art cloth, but I don’t think I have time for that so will use some hand-dyed fabric.


Look at this cute guy. Lynn Krawczyk took a soy wax batik class with Rayna and used this little masher guy to make marks. I had to have one and found him on Amazon.

Art Every Day 29

Sunday, November 29th, 2009


I never really got around to do much today except to check up on the painting and glossing that I did yesterday. I am posting some sneak peeks of my pink challenge. Above is one. Here is another:


I painted some cotton for the backing. I added some mica chips just because.


The fabric was one of those white on white fabrics and the white pattern made a resist. It is kind of cool, but not what I am looking for.


Yesterday, Mr C and I ventured out to the mall late in the day to get some walking shoes (Scooter chewed one of my new ones – argh). We both got doorbuster bargains which were still available late on Saturday. Today, we attended Lessons and Carols at the Cathedral — an Anglican tradition that ushers in the Advent Season. It is a beautiful service of beautiful music and inspirational readings.

I have also spent a good part of the week-end doing SDA website maintenance. The weather has been glorious since Thanksgiving Day so we have enjoyed some beautiful walks with this guy.


Art Every Day 27

Friday, November 27th, 2009


I’m still feeling a bit stuffed, but enjoying the leftovers from yesterday’s feast at Steph’s home. This is one of the napkins that M & M tie-dyed.(Sorry for the blurry photo that I took with my iPhone.)  Here is how the table looked before we plundered it.


Except for the church key (smile), it looked like something out of Real Simple. Speaking of Real Simple, Steph and Maria’s first book, A Year of Mornings, was mentioned in the December issue.


I finally received a copy of the just published, A Year of Evenings. It is a lovely representation of evening light as you go through the year. I am so proud of my children and what they have accomplished.

After dinner we played a new game, at least to me, called Apples to Apples – the junior edition. It was so much fun. I presume that there is a regular edition, too. I must look into it.

The art for today was more work on the pink piece. I am not really enjoying it and so am trying to make it more interesting. Sometimes, I wish I had just done “Pretty in Pink” and be done with it!!

Art Every Day 25 and Thankful

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009


I am thankful for so much — my good health, my ability to indulge in creative endeavors, my wonderful and supportive Mr C, our new puppy, Scooter, time with my grandchildren, my family near and far,  and the many friends, new and old, that enrich my life. I am thankful that all of my children are in supportive and loving relationships. I want to wish all  of my USA readers a blessed holiday.

Not much art done today, that I can show. I have spent some stolen moments working on the pink challenge. I did my last minute marketing, made two pies, roasted a turkey that is going to our church dinner for the homeless, tomorrow, got my hair colored, did two loads of laundry and worked on the SDA website.  Some days, you just have to catch up with yourself.

I did receive a nice package of goodies that I purchased from the recent SDA auction — Fabulous Felted Scarves by Chad Alice Hagen and Jorie Johnson; Artistic Photo Quilts by Charlotte Ziebarth and the Quilting Arts DVD – Painting Fabric for Whole Cloth Quilts with Judy Coates Perez. Speaking of Judy, I love the piece she is currently working on.


Art Every Day 24

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009


Oh my goodness, November is flying by. It was a lovely and busy day 24. I spent the morning in my studio working on pink stuff. I found a Jacquard metallic paint called light violet. It has the barest sheen of violet.


I painted it over some bubble gum pink marbled cotton and cotton the sort of sheen that I was looking for.  You can see the difference in the first photo. The bottom is the painted section.

I also created a thermofax screen which I will use to add texture and interest to the pink background. Here is my test print.


I accomplished some other cool stuff for the piece which I am not going to show.

This afternoon, I drove over the river and through the city to Beaverton to meet IBOL guy and his wife, my art quilting friend and fellow twelve, Kristin La Flamme. Terry met us there, too.


And here are Mr and Mrs IBOL!!


We all brought our 12 Twelve X Twelve quilts and had fun ooing and ahing. I have seen all of Terry’s, but not Kristin’s. They are every bit as wonderful in person, perhaps even better.

Tomorrow, the cooking frenzy begins. Steph is hosting Thanksgiving dinner and we have divided up the menu items between us. Tomorrow, I also will cook a turkey to go to the community meal that our church serves. They will serve 800 meals. Mr C will spend the morning helping in the kitchen.