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I’m Baaaaack!

Wednesday, August 31st, 2005

A couple of times a year I have the convergence of three deadlines ?Ǩ the church newsletter, my guild newsletter and the quarterly regional reports to post to the SDA website. Yesterday, I finally finished all of them. I was really anxious to get back in the studio and I did ?Ǩ so I have something to show later.

First, I want to say how difficult it is to see the total devastation on the Gulf Coast. Give what you can to the Red Cross!! Or if you want to put your creativity to work, Laura Cater-Woods is putting together an art quilt sale with proceeds to go to the relief effort. If you would like to participate, go to her blog  and e-mail her for information.

Karey Bresenhan, director of the International Quilt Festival, has put together several opportunities. She will match donations to the Red Cross and she will accept and donate comfort quilts to the refugees in the Astrodome. Go to Quilts.com  to get all the details.

Sonji looked so darn cute in the picture Mrs. Mel had of her on her blog that I said I had a girl crush on her. She asked me to explain this phenomenon to all of you. there is actually a book out about this. Essentially, a girl crush is feelings of admiration and adoration which a girl has for another girl, without wanting to shag said girl. A nonsexual attraction, usually based on veneration at some level. You know you’ve had them!!

Update on Princess Bad Hair Day: David is out of the picture. Cynthia e-mailed  me to tell me she had to let him go – something about "being on something"! That could have been a disaster. She wants me to try Britanny. Not going to happen. Brittany is barely 20 years old and can do a great Jennifer Aniston do, but she is not touching my hair! My plan is to sit outside salons and watch clients come an go and find someone with hair that I adore.

Today, I did my self-portrait which I plan to send to the Quilting Arts challenge. A little background. When we lived in Wilmington, NC, I took a print making class. Here is a self portrait I did, called Picasso Woman:


This was based on this photo when I was in college:


Isn’t there a resemblance?

So here is my rendition in fabric. I decided to do it all in black and white. So what do you think?


Gotta make an agenda for the guild meeting tomorrow. Bye for now…

Buried Under a Newsletter

Thursday, August 25th, 2005

I am coming out from under the huge fall newsletter that I am formatting for my church. I have to crawl back there tonight, but thought I would post something before I take the dog for a walk and make dinner.

I sit at my computer and look at this wonderful little quilt:


It was made from a bag of my stuff  by Brynhilder Bjarnadottir of Iceland for the Quilt Art challenge. She did lovely beading. It is called: "Sisters with Bags of Stuff"!

I made this one for Linda Cline, who lives in the East Bay area. So I met her at PIQF last year and delivered it in person. I said I would be wearing lime green and that I have red spiky hair and she found me!! this is titled, "Technicolor Sunflowers". Linda’s palette was quite different from mine. The rules said you could add your own fabric so I added – lime green – what else!! She had included the sunflower batik which was a jumping off spot for me. The sunflowers and leaves are 3-D and appliqued to a wacky pieced background.


I also want to recommend my daughter, Stephanie’s blog. She takes great photos and has taught me a lot. Today she posted photo tips for bloggers. Look up in the right hand corner and click on Daughter Stephanie!

I’m off. Don’t know when I will be back from under the newsletter.

Pointless Sister’s Pics

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005

I know many of you are as Crazy for Fiber as I am so I am sure you will enjoy the photos of work shown today. Several people had their challenge quilts, but I am going to wait and show them all at one time in November. I am excited because I proposed having a Design Class with Marilyn Felber from Berkeley in the afternoons following our regular meeting and enough members want to do it so we will start next month.

Diane has this beautiful butterfly wing on her blog, but I thought you might like to see her with it. She did a wonderful job on the quilting.


Selma is one of our most prolific quilters. She almost always has something new. This is a quilt from Diane Hire’s Games Quilters Play.

Ruth brought this quilt that she made in a class with Marilyn Felber awhile ago. It is attic windows with fish and water as the background fabric. I think it is very effective use of that fish fabric!!

Marjorie wows us again with another vineyard scene. This time it is spring with a wonderful rendition of mustard. She dyed or painted all of the fabric for this.

Here is a closeup of the mustard. She painted all of the mustard flowers and leaves and then cut them out and fused them to the dye painted background.

Cathy calls this work in progress, Egg Planets!!! It is silk and I lover her sense of humor!!

On a personal note, I sighed a big sigh of relief when I got my entry off to the O’Hanlon Art Center and my quilts in the mail for the Marin show.

Quilt Shows and a Stand-in Political Rant

Monday, August 22nd, 2005

I am such a last minute person!! Can’t seem to get myself organized to get things done in a timely manner. I am entering my first ever gallery show at the O’Hanlon Center for the Arts in Mill Valley. Two friends are jurors so if I don’t get in…well, Sydne and Pat, you might get your beds short sheeted at Bishop’s Ranch. Anyway, the cd  needs to be there on Wednesday so I had to get that done. I also have to send my four quilts off to the Marin Show tomorrow. Had to sew on the special labels and find a box, etc., etc. I was at the SDA office working all day so this had to be done after dinner.

Tomorrow is Pointless Sister’s Crit group. I always enjoy that. Hopefully there will be some exciting work to photograph.

Now, for my stand-in political rant. Rosie O’Donnell’s blog has quotes from Republicans when Clinton committed troops to Bosnia. As you can imagine, it is quite ironic – like tom DeLay saying, ?Ǩ?You can support the troops but not the president.?Ǩ So I commend to you her blog as my political rant.

The David Sanborn Concert

Saturday, August 20th, 2005


When sitting in my beach chair, this was my view of the stage.


An overview of the venue.


The David Sanborn Band. My view when standing. This was an outstanding concert. So way cool!! The opening band was Down to the Bone. They were ok, but more of the acoustic, funk style – not as much my cup of tea.


Here is dinner: Focaccia sandwich (sliced turkey, goat cheese, pesto, grilled veggie tepanade, and heirloom tomatoes) and roasted pepper and goat cheese gourmet chips and Rodney Strong Sauvignon Blanc. There was also raspberries and blueberries in strawberry balsamic vinegar with creme fraiche and rocky road bars (must have chocolate).

Since I couldn’t see the stage, I entertained myself watching those around me.


These women danced through the concert.


This woman sat with her back to the stage and talked through the concert!


The tree huggers and our very attractive neighbor.


Still dancing!


Best cleavage award!


Every body dance now!! And possible contender for best cleavage!


Dead soldier.


The vineyard. Notice the beautiful sky at dusk.