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Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Look at little miss personality!! She is starting to smile and react to Mark and Jayme, showing a delightful personality.

And, oh, how I love this photo of Daddy and his little girl. I may have to make a trip to SF, soon!

When last I checked in, Thursday, I think. I thought I was making good progress with the Filemaker data base for our art show. Unfortunately, on Friday, I found some major bugs in our system. One major problem was that the scanner was not connecting to the database properly. I create bar codes for each piece of art. When someone brings it to the sales table to buy, we want to scan the bar code on the art and have the artwork detail open up to show that it has been sold. It was not working and my consultant and I were both tired and cranky by Friday afternoon. I felt so defeated and dissolved in tears — total melt down. Mr C calmed me down and asked if he could take a look at what was happening. Every bar code begins with 12 for this year, and he figured out that the software was only reading the first number and would open up the first work of art no matter which bar code was scanned. If I pasted a whole bar code into the the slot, it would work perfectly. I e-mailed this bit of info to my guru who fixed it and two hours later, it was working perfectly. I went to bed, a happy woman.

The other problem is with the gallery labels, but I think I can fix that by doing a data merge instead of using the labels generated by Filemaker. Last week was a very difficult week for me as I had to be in left brain mode most of the time and it is not my best MO!!

I took some bits of time to work on my map for the Tuesday reveal and to make some 3 x 3s. Tomorrow will be dedicated to machine quilting my map piece.

Here are two more purples:

Only one more purple day. What will may be — green or orange?

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

I was so happy to finish the data entry for the Artists Among Us Exhibit and Sale coming up soon. I am now in the process of sending copies of inventories to the artists to proof read and making corrections where necessary. My next hurdle is to get the bar code scanner working. I have created bar codes for each piece of art and the dang scanner won’t recognize the scan. Supposedly, when a piece is sold, we scan the bar code and it opens that piece of art work in Filemaker and enter’s the date and marks it sold. As Mr C says, you will find a way – and I will.

To celebrate, I went on an art date with Mr C. We finally got to the Portland Art Museum to see the Rothko exhibit. It was fascinating to follow his artistic path from figurative painting to the very abstract work he did at the end of his career. He lived in Portland and graduated from high school so their is a great fondness for him in this city. I was blown away with how much pink and baby blue there was in his work.

We also saw the John Frame exhibit which was absolutely wonderful. He creates assemblages out of found objects and creatures that he creates and is working on a stop motion animated film — some of which was in a film about him. I think I will dream about these amazing installations tonight.

We then treated ourselves to a great meal at one of the down town institutions – The Heathman. It was a great end to our day.

I did manage to get two more purple 3 x 3s done. Some of you have mentioned how much you are enjoying this month’s offerings. I like them too, and I often say I don’t like purple.

Karen wonders if I have plans for these at the end of the year. Yes, I hope to figure out a way to use them in some installation or piece of work.

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Multi-tasking Kind of Day

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

I finally caught up with my purple 3 X 3’s. It is hard to see, but this fabric really does read purple! I also made a good start on my map quilt. I am going to use batiks. I had an epiphany while walking Scooter this morning.

Here are the fabrics that I am using. I have them all Misty-fused and the freezer paper patterns are cut and ironed, ready to cut.

My main activity has been data entry for Artist’s Among Us. I am more than half done, but I am sure I have a couple of more days of being chained to the computer. Thank goodness for my studio work.

Here are the rest of the 3 X 3’s.


Catching Up

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

I now have 20 3 x3s. I might get caught up by tomorrow.

I didn’t have a very exciting day. Three loads of laundry, walked the dog, shopped for food and worked on the Artists Among Us database.

I also got a start on my map piece for the next 12 by 12 reveal, which is May 1. Coming to soon. I am not very excited about what I am doing, but with every thing on my plate right now, I can’t spend too much time on it.