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Spicy Nine Patch

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

As often happens, I have worked so hard on this that I now see all of its flaws! Here is how it came together.

I felted roving and ribbons and bits of chiffon to 12 inch square pieces of prefelt — one was paprika in color and the other was saffron.

I then cut these into 4 1/2 inch squares.

I then felted additional bits and pieces of fabric and roving to the squares. I embellished each with beads and perle cotton. I purchased canvas in a couple of colors which I auditioned as a backing for the squares, but it seemed a bit heavy. I had a piece of reddish organza which I doubled and used. I think it was a good solution.

I really like each of the little squares that I created as stand alone little works of art. So there you have it. It is probably the most expensive piece that I have done for any Twelve by Twelve challenge — hand and machine felting needles, beads, lots of fabric, backing fabric that I did not use!

Tomorrow, I am having a mental health day with some friends. We are going to drive to Tillamook to see an exhibit of work by Cynthia Corbin at the Latimer Quilt and Textile Center. We will probably have ice cream for lunch at the Tillamook Cheese Factory!


Spicy Beads

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

I received a shipment of machine felting needles yesterday that seem to be working very nicely in my Bernina attachment. I got a lot of work done on one of the collages yesterday without too much  breakage.

Today, I went to a bead store to look for some spicy beads for further embellishment. I like the colors and the assortment that I found. I am not sure if or how much beading I might do, but I wanted to have something on hand just in case.

It has been a catch up day here at our house. We did some neatening and cleaning. I did three loads of laundry. Mr C used his new power washer to clean out gutters and clean moss from the roof shingles. We are beginning to wonder how much longer we want to have this place to take care of. It is a lot of work, but we love the benefits of having a home large enough for entertaining and my fabric habit.

I am so excited and happy for my friend Bonnie Bucknam, who won Best of Show for Quilt National 2o11. She is an accomplished quilter and artist. On top of that, she is a very caring and sharing member of our High Fiber Diet group and the Columbia Stitchery Guild.  She has been a driving force in HFD, getting us to create traveling shows every year and improving our professionalism. I am just thrilled that she has been given this honor. You can see all of this year’s special award winners on The Dairy Barn FB page.

When I was walking Scooter with Mr C this morning, I came upon this scene that I just had to photograph. I guess we can call it fuchsia snow!

Enjoy your week-end. I am looking forward to some family time tomorrow, with sunshine!!

Needle Punching Needle Breaking

Thursday, May 26th, 2011


I have continued working on the felted collages, using a hand felting needle punch. I bought more needles yesterday and tonight, I am down to one. BUT, I am having fun. I have some machine felting needles on order. I hope they get here tomorrow or Saturday so that I can finish these. I probably won’t show any more work on this until the reveal on June 1.

Lyric Kinard has a post and some photos of the PAQA South ARTQUILT Movement on her blog. You can see my Prairie Fields hanging with some other gorgeous quilts.

Our Twelve by Twelve book has a review in an art, not a quilting, magazine — AmericanStyle Magazine — very exciting. Click to see it on line.

The rain continues, but we are hoping for some sunshine and warmer temps this week-end. Considering the horrible weather events in other parts of the country, I really don’t want to complain!


Spicing Things Up

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

I started work on my spicy piece for the next Twelve X Twelve challenge. I love the pieces that Jane LaFazio makes. She has a tutorial on her blog. She uses ribbons, sheer fabrics as well as yarn and roving on a prefelt  background. I decided that I needed to make a trip to Fabric Depot for some spicy chiffon and ribbons. I love the paisley chiffons that I found. Remember, you can click on any photo to see it larger.

I got my Bernina set up with the felting attachment and proceeded to break needle after needle. Not good as they are very pricy. I could not find anymore needles in the city of Portland so I have ordered some from Nancy’s Notions. This is as far as I got on one piece of prefelt.

While I wait for the needles to arrive, I have been felting by hand. It is not as fast and not great for carpal tunnel!!

I am still having a lot of SDA work to do. I had a dry spell when the new website went live, but I am now getting to do some of the behind the scenes work on it. I have also been handling registrations for staying in the University of Minnesota dorms at the SDA conference. That job is almost done. The conference, which I am not attending, starts June 4th with pre-confeence workshops.

Missing in Action

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Where have I been? Good question. Not working in my studio, that is for sure. I got my hair cut one day. I have had a lot of SDA work to do. Friday, Mr C and I went to the nursery and bought some plants. On Saturday, I weeded and planted some veggies and herbs. So, I have been busy, but nothing to write home about.

I realized that I had not posted the lovely fiber post card that I received from Cynthia St. Charles. She is a fantastic fiber artist and is doing lots of different fiber post cards. If you would like a chance to win one, you only need to go to her blog and let her know.

Out next Twelve by Twelve challenge, Spice, is due on the first of June. I gathered my ingredients tonight

I am going to do some felting. I need to run out and get some more needles for my embellisher and perhaps some ribbons and yarns to add to the mix. I like the way that bit of chartreuse, my favorite neutral plays with these colors.

My studio is such a mess. I have all my inventory piled on my work tables. I need to rephotograph every thing, as suggested by Sandra Sider. I also have work that I have brought home from several shows and events piled up there. I have been rather lethargic and need a kick in the butt to get organized. Some more sunshine and warm temps would help.

Last week when it was nice, Scooter and I walked down to the Rhodie Garden. It is in full bloom right now. Here are some photos that I took.