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Powering Up

Sunday, December 30th, 2007

I want to get back to a normal mode of life, but today was not quite there. We didn’t go to church because we needed to take Lisa to the airport. First, we washed a lot of dishes which we could not face last night. Mr C washed; I dried and put away.

Then, with a sun break beckoning, we went for our first 40 minute walk in over a week.

We got back just in time to scarf down some leftovers and hop in the car to head to the airport with Lili and Willfredo ensconced in his little carry on bag.

We left the airport on the north side of Portland and headed south toward Tualatin to exchange my new rain jacket for a more Gericon color. I wanted the rusty brown, but alas it was gone so I settled for blue. I hear that blue iris is the Pantone selection for the color of 2008. My jacket is sort of a lighter shade.

While we were driving around, the skies opened up and it started pouring. At the airport, lightening struck the plane Lisa was to take, while it was sitting at the gate. She hastily made her way to the desk and got a flight to Oakland and stayed on schedule.

Back at home, I spent some time catching up on my blogging community and e-mails. I looked for recipes on line for use with my gift from Steph and Jack:


I found recipes for lamb and sweet potatoes and chicken and veggies and chickpeas. I can’t wait to cook up something Moroccan.

Tomorrow, I need to send Indigo Moons to the Carnegie Art Center in Indiana for the Form Not Function show so I used my new power tools to make a slat for hanging.


That little power saw was on my Christmas wish list and Mr C came through. It came with a screwdriver/drill and a flashlight. I feel so independent, now. I can never find his tools, and I hate asking and waiting. Tonight, I sewed the sleeve and it will be off to the show tomorrow. I just have to e-mail an artist’s statement.

I also started thinking about what I will do with this piece of fabric.


I received this from Jane Dunnewold for the Art Cloth Challenge II. I get to add some additional surface design to this and send it back mid-February. I am not allowed to show you what I do with it, but I will blog about it, and you will have to use your imaginations!! It is silk that has been dyed with mixing blue. It was tied with some rubber bands and scrunched in a stocking. Everyone got the exact same fabric so it will be fun to see the final results. Before I do any other surface design, I want to overdye it, possibly with orange. Does anyone know what color I will get? Or maybe yellow.

Tonight, we had more leftovers. They were even better today. Tomorrow, I am going to put the leftover sweets in small baggies for the homeless lunch program. They need the calories more than I do.

The Party’s Over. . .

Saturday, December 29th, 2007

It’s time to call it a day. I am pooped, but not a party pooper. We had a great time gathering our various friends and neighbors together for a fun time of eating, drinking and conversation

I was too busy to take many photos. Here are a few shots of the party preparations. Lisa made some menu cards:


Some of the party fare:



Of course I prepared too much food, but you don’t want to run out. I just won’t have to cook again for a few days. I also loaded Steph and Jack up with leftovers.

Mia said it was her first grown up party and her best because her best friend Madeline came. Here are my girls with Steph’s friend, Jennifer (Madeline’s Mom) and our realtor, Cynthia.


I am looking forward to the new year, doing some new work and a visit from Kristin, next week.

Got My Cookin’ Groove Goin’ On

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

Today, I started the cooking for the party on Saturday. I love doing this, but the last time I had a larger more well equipped kitchen so this has put a little crimp in my style and speed. I could have used two ovens today.

I made a batch of buttermilk rolls which will be used for sandwiches with freshly grilled pork and turkey tenderloins. Here they are rising:


And finished baking:


I have to make one more batch.

I made a triple batch of pecan tassies:


And a double batch of the family favorite, chocolate mint brownies.


And finally, caramelized onion focaccia – two of them. This is so good. The dough has mashed baking potatoes and the topping is red onions with balsamic vinegar.


Tomorrow, I will do more rolls, a roasted red onion, roma tomato, eggplant dip and some fudge wreaths.

M & M are spending the night so that Lisa and their parents can take in a movie. I think they will be here until mid-morning so I hope they don’t mind if I get some cooking time in.

Tomorrow afternoon, Lisa and I are going to REI to get rain gear. Mr C gave me a set that is the wrong size. Lisa needs some rain gear to protect her when she rides her scooter around San Francisco.

Lisa gave us this beautiful painting. You can see it here.


I will share some of my other great gifts later.

By the way, I am feeling so much better today. I think I have finally survived the latest bout of the crud.

It’s All About Willfredo

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

On Christmas Eve day, Lisa arrived from San Francisco bearing gifts and her new pup, Willfredo, who has stolen the show since his arrival. Needless to say, Mia is totally smitten with him.


Here is a close-up with Lisa:


Willifredo is about 6 months old. He is at least part Chihuahua, but probably is a mix of something else. He is such a calm little soul. He an Maggie are tolerating each other quite well, but we have had a number of poops an pees. If Willfredo leaves a deposit, then Maggie seems to have to reciprocate – argh!!

He is so skinny and so Lisa keeps him dressed in cute sweaters. Here they are dressed for Christmas eve at our house.


We had a nice supper of tortellini soup and cheeses and meats, crudites and spinach dip, champagne and Christmas cookies.

It is our tradition to open gifts on Christmas eve. This comes from Mr C’s family. Here is Milo looking so adorable as he opens a gift.


On Christmas morning, we had a fabulous breakfast at Stephanie’s. She made big fat yummy cinnamon buns, eggs, turkey bacon, sausage and mimosas. Oh look, a mod log cabin table runner!!


On the way back to our house, we received the Christmas gift of a dusting of snow.


We had a Christmas dinner of pork medallions with port wine and dried cherries, polenta and butternut squash, green beans, butter lettuce, pear and pecans and more Christmas cookies.

This morning I dutifully went to WW to weigh in. there were not many brave souls there. I only gained a half pound. I am happy with that since I have continued to struggle with the head cold and so I have not been walking as much in the cold, rainy weather.

Lisa is out visiting with her Portland friends and I am babysitting Willfredo. Steve took this photo of me and the pups. Everyone say, “Awh!”


I am sitting with my computer and list of things to do and my shopping list as we are getting ready to open our house to friends and neighbors on Saturday. Let the cooking begin!!

A Holiday Greeting

Monday, December 24th, 2007



Wishing you the merriest of holidays

and a fantastic, creative new year.


Gerrie (gettin’ cozy with St. Nick) and Mr C


(Taken at church yesterday with a Polaroid.)