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Friday, July 29th, 2011

This is my Felted Fantasy which I have been working frantically to finish. My guild, Columbia Fiber Arts, has been asked to do a special exhibit at the APWQ show in Tacoma next month. We were asked in part because we are guild that embraces all the fiber arts, not just quilting. With that in mind, I wanted to enter some non-quilted work. I have really enjoyed doing felted work with some embellishments. I made 12 of these pieces in a rainbow of colors.

When I did the Twelve by Twelve piece, I used a silk organza for the background — the color was similar to colors in the felted pieces.

I got it into my mind that I needed to do the silk organza background so I went looking for something neutral that would work with all the color. I ended up with a goldish yellow. I was stitching the felted pieces on to the background and ick! It was not working.

So, I decided to give up. I didn’t see how I could find a new background to show off the felted pieces. I had my duh moment after I went to bed and was drifting off to sleep. It was so obvious — all those colors needed black to set them off. I found a piece of black felt and then fused the pieces and voila!

Here are some of the individual pieces. I was rushing to get this turned in so some of my photos are pretty blurry.

I know many of you probably think I have lost my marbles with these pieces, but I so love making them. I almost can’t stop once I get going. After the show, I plan to mount them individually for sale.

The other piece that I entered is the painted silk water piece that was in the SDA Member’s show.

The deck is almost finished. We will be moving back the furniture this week-end and I will get some photos taken. I will be doing some housecleaning this week-end as I am hosting the guild new and old board meeting luncheon on Monday.

Felting Frenzy

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

I am having so much fun creating these little felted compositions which I plan to arrange together in a larger piece. There are 12 in all. I used the prefelt that I have been working on for a few weeks. I have the machine felting done and now, I am doing the handstitching and beading.

I have to get back to work. I thought I would just check in and share some photos.

SAQA Goodies

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

This is the piece that I did for the SAQA traveling trunk shown, also known as “This is a Quilt.” This is  small piece that is matted so that only an 8 inch square is visible. The pieces are put in different groups and travel the country to be ogled by other SAQA members. We got to see group G at High Fiber Diet meeting last week. They are like little gems. This year, they can all be seen on the SAQA site, along with the schedule for their travel. You can see them HERE.

The SAQA auction quilts are also available for viewing. This year, we were invited to curate a grouping of quilts around a theme. I did a group with architectural details. You can see them HERE.

The deck is pretty much finished — just a few details. Once we move the furniture back, I will take a photo. Today, we went shopping for a new natural gas grill as we had a gas line installed in the breezeway where we do our barbecuing. We didn’t make a purchase yet, but have narrowed it down. I for sure want a rotisserie.

We were very tired last night and went to bed early. At midnight, the alarm went off and scared the heck out of us. The house was locked up tight. We don’t know what set it off. We shut it off early enough that the police did not have to come which was a relief. Then, I couldn’t get back to sleep, of course. I kept thinking of all the reasons why the thing went off, but of course, we just don’t know. I am trying to let go of the burglary post trauma, but things keep happening that set me off.

This is Not a Sketchbook

Monday, July 25th, 2011

My sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project has been digitized. I had fun getting reacquainted with all the fiber collages that I did. Here is the info if you want to go take a look:

Viewers can find your book two different ways so far:
   1) by going to your profile and then clicking on the Artwork tab.
   2) by using the library directory and searching for your name. As with the entire Digital Library, things are constantly being worked on, and the searchable directory is one of them.

I have signed up for the next round, but I am not sure what I will do. I am thinking of photos or machine stitched designs.

They started installing the aluminum railings for the new deck.

This is the spool of aluminum cable that will run horizontally between the posts.

And this is the beautiful job of piecing the ipe that Mr C has done in the breezeway which is not square.

I had a very rigorous pilates class this morning and have not been up to doing much for the rest of the day. I did manage to get some  machine felting done tonight.

Retail Therapy

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

I spent quite a bit of time this week-end perusing the mall and visiting one of my favorite fabric stores. Our coffee pot died Saturday morning. I had to make a run to Starbucks to get us through. So, on Saturday afternoon, I headed for the mall. I came home with a great deal on a replacement coffee maker and a new iPad — no deal, but I decided it was part of getting my life back — to replace every thing that was taken from me.

I was elated to find a new app which brings up all your previously purchase and/or downloaded apps. Last time I had to go hunting in my Apple account to find them.

I looked for shoes to go with the dress I bought to wear to my niece’s wedding in August, to no avail.

I was excited to see our Twelve by Twelve book in the Barnes and Noble Book store — my first book store sighting.

Today, I checked out the new neighborhood farmer’s market. It has a very different vibe and different vendors from the Wednesday market that I normally visit. I bought some Salmon for dinner and some frozen ground lamb from a local farmer. I also bought blueberries to freeze and eat and some cherries, zucchini, and cucumber.

This afternoon, I went to Fabric Depot and was excited to find the silk chiffon at 40 and 50% off. The four pieces at the top were in that category — they are delicious. I will use them in some felting that I am doing. At the outside sale area, I found a few bolts of beautiful silks from Mood Fabrics in New York, where the Project Runway contestants shop. I had to buy a full yard, but they were only $6 a yard.

I found 3 batik fat quarters with orange which I might use in the next Twelve colorplay challenge.

I also got a deal on these colorful ribbons to use in felting.

I managed to find two other things I couldn’t come home without — another indigo dye kit and some of Lesley Riley’s TAP (Transfer Artist Paper).

The weather has warmed up into the 80s and we have been enjoying it immensely. We hope the rails for the deck will be installed tomorrow or Tuesday. Mr C has made good progress on installing the decking in the breezeway.

The window guys came to install the new window in the living room. They installed scaffolding and seemed to be moving right along and then discovered that the glass had been gut a bit too large.

Since that was on Friday afternoon, the scaffolding still sits outside the window waiting for them to return – hope it will be tomorrow.

Last, but not least, this is the barge taking Mia to summer camp for the week. See the waving hand? That would be her and she had a big smile. I am so excited for her. I loved, loved, sleep away camp when I was a kid.

I hope you had a great weekend, too.