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The Visitor from Down Under

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013


Brenda Gael Smith, one of our Twelves from Australia, was here in Portland for a quick visit with Terry Grant and I. Terry picked her up at the train station. She had been in Seattle visiting friends. We all met up at a fun restaurant and had dinner. This morning, Terry brought Brenda over to my house. We spent the morning looking at quilts and just talking about the Twelve project. We are going to show the 20×12 quilts here in Portland at Quilt Expo in September.

We then went in search of a food truck pod so that Brenda could have that quintessential Portland experience. After enjoying some Mexican fare, we went off to Powell’s book store, another necessary experience. The photo up there of the three of us  was taken there in front of one copy of our book that we found on the shelf. I snapped this photo of myself with the book.



Next, we stopped in at Josephine’s Dry Goods, a wonderful, upscale fabric store. No money spent there. Around the corner is The Playful Needle, a great place to pick up embroidery type thread for hand stitching.



I did spend money here.



And these that I think will work with my current project.



Here is a detail of the stitching I have done so far.


Terry dropped me off at Whole Foods where Mr C met me and she took Brenda to the train station for the next leg of her journey, visiting friends in the Tri=cities area of Washington before she flies home at the end of the week.

It was a lovely day and a nice day away from the computer and my current work load.

Tomorrow, I am heading over to Terry’s house for lunch with our friend, Del Thomas, who is passing through town on her way home from a workshop on Whidby Island. She is bringing some new art quilt acquisitions to show us.



Better Results?

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

montañas y lunasbackground


Here is the second discharged piece after getting thrown in the washer and dryer. I did simpler stitching – just horizontal. I think I could have stitched the lines a little closer, but it has nice texture. It shrunk more in one directions than the other. It started out square. Here is a detail shot.



I am going to crop out a twelve inch square for my SAQA auction piece. I am titling it Montanas y Lunas (mountains and moons). I plan to do some hand stitching on both  pieces. The other piece will be larger and titled Undulations. Here are some perle cotton auditions.



This is a gorgeous variegated hand-dyed thread by Laura Wasilowski of Artfabrik fame.



I am not sure where I got this thread. I think it will add some nice color to the Undulations piece.

I got the results of my gall bladder ultrasound, and I have a remarkably healthy gall bladder and all the other organs and abdominal parts that showed in the scan were in great shape. So, I am going to stop worrying about that. I think I have found the reason for the hives on my legs. I realized that we changed soap in the shower at about the time the itchiness started. I have stopped using it and so far so good. I will now stop being a hypochondriac — at least until the next symptom arises. I am an old lady, after all.

We have had a run of gorgeous weather. I planted by veggie garden yesterday and replenished the herb planters.



There is room for a few more herbs. Mr C came after me and cleaned up the deck.

Here is the garden bed with a few weeds and looking a little disheveled.



I went at it with the hoe and turned up the earth. Love it!



I planted lots of lettuce for now.



This year, I planted the squash and cucumber in the ground next to the planter box so that they have room to spread out.



I am going to wait to plant tomatoes, and I still have room for some other plants like eggplant and peppers.

I really enjoyed getting outside to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

Full Disclosure

Thursday, April 25th, 2013



Number one – I am on serious overload of picky, time consuming left brain stuff that I need to do to keep afloat.

Number two – I need some balance in my life. I need to take some creative breaks to keep myself sane.

Number three disclosure is that shrink-a-dink textile I have been working on.

This is a closeup of what it looked like when I last took it out of the dryer.



Eeeuuw! I was about to throw it in the trash, and then my creative wanna be, Karen, commented that she had had this very problem and almost got carpal tunnel from picking out the fuzz. What? She removed the fuzz? So, with renewed enthusiasm, I went after it last night. I decided there must be an easier way. I grabbed my needle felting brush pad and used it. This is what it looks like, now, – the brush that is.



And this is a detail shot of the stitched piece – much better.



I still wish it had shrunk a bit more. I may throw it in hot water and the dryer again to see what happens.

I discharged another piece of silk for another attempt at this.



I have been neglecting the stitching together of my 3x3s so for the last two nights, I have done some stitching. These have been stitched together so far.


So, there you go. A look into my crazy life.


Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

WW 04-24-13


Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013


I finished the stitching of the discharged silk to the wool pre-felt. I really was excited about doing the shrinking. Here is a detail of the stitching.



I used up 3 bobbins and this spool of thread which looked great with the fabric.



When I took the piece out of the dryer, it had hardly shrunk at all and the felt was pulling through to the top of the silk. It is really not even worth photographing. I am so disappointed because I so loved that little sample I did yesterday. I am wondering if I did too much stitching or if a large piece does not shrink as well. It was going to be my SAQA auction donation. Now, I have to start over!! Well, I did say it was an experiment!!

I am really tired and cranky tonight because I had to get up so early for my ultrasound. My doctor does not work on Tuesday so I have to wait until tomorrow to get results.

I will leave you with some pretty from my neighborhood walk. Red was the color of the day.