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Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Today, I had to do some more cleaning and purging because we found ants in the shelves where I keep my baking supplies. It was a good thing to do, anyway. I found several things that could be thrown out. That activity plus getting wiped by Pilates this morning, left me with little extra energy for much. I did make it to the Farmer’s Market and scored some Hood Strawberries – they are the best. I also got a couple of pounds of Queen Anne cherries and some fresh salmon for dinner.

Tonight, I challenged myself to start a small piece while I was watching So You Think You Can Dance (which is utterly amazing this season). I printed one of my tree photo sketches on organza and fused it to some commercial silk that I love.

Here is the original photo. I inadvertently fused the wrong side of the organza.

I am now doing some hand stitching. There was a lot of golden grass in the landscape so I added some stitching to simulate the grass. I am now doing some random hand-stitching in the background fabric. You can click on it to see a larger version.

Our next High Fiber Diet Show is coming up at gallery in Oregon City and we can sell small items that can be enclosed in plastic so I am trying to come up with some ideas.


My Exciting Life

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

I am feeling so much better that I have been spending the last two days doing some much needed cleaning. As many of you know, Mr C prefers to do our cleaning rather than have someone come in to do it. I hate regular housekeeping — dusting, vacuuming, etc. However, I can really get into scrubbing and purging various locations in the house. In the last two days, I have done the kitchen cabinets, the master bathroom cabinets, the pantry and the fridge. I also helped Mr C do some purging of the garage and it got power washed.

So, I have not done much studio work. I have done lots of hand stitching on the gray piece. I have to say that I love the piece so much. I am not sure if the value is working, but I don’t care because I love exploring the elements that I have included. I am looking forward to sharing it on July 12th.

I have enjoyed taking Scooter to the Rhodie Garden in the afternoons.

Today, Scooter went to visit the groomer and got his summer do.

A couple of days ago, he looked much chunkier!!

Tonight, we attended a dinner and lecture by Bishop Gene Robinson. He was the first openly gay priest to be elected a Bishop in the Episcopal Church. He is an incredibly gifted speaker and a man full of grace who is not afraid to speak the truth. Tonight he said he was going to do something his mother told him not to do — mix religion and politics. He spoke about his growing concern about the political climate in this country and how he wants the church to step up and speak out about the inequality — the concern that the poor are bearing the biggest burden of the downturn of our economy. I had just told Mr C this morning that I was so depressed with the crap that is happening in the Supreme Court and in Congress that I felt I was almost ready to pack up and leave for another country. Of course, I won’t. I will stick it out and hope the pendulum starts to swing back.

Sorry for the downer. Here is the gorgeous peony that was the centerpiece for our table tonight.

And, here are Jayme and Mark, kayaking in the San Juan Islands. Love this!!

Every Day

Friday, June 24th, 2011

I am committed to spending some time in my studio every day. Today, I made two more flat felts using the water soluble stabilizer. I need to get out to Fabric Depot to pick up some chiffon to use on these.

I also diluted some black fabric pain with water and painted a lighter shade of gray silk organza. I am very happy with this one which is on the left, original in the center and the darker one on the right.

I am getting my energy back! I went to Pilates this morning and took Scooter for a nice walk before lunch.

I am taking Mucinex, per my Dr’s office instructions, but have to dring a glass of water every hour that I am awake. So, you know where I am spending a lot of time! The good thing is, it is working. Along with the saline rinses, I am feeling much less congested.

The huge all neighborhood Eastmoreland Yard/Garage sale is tomorrow and Sunday. Steph and family will be here early to hit the sales. We always enjoy this and have found some great bargains. The weather promises to be perfect.

Have a great week-end!


Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

For my past machine needle felting forays, I have been using prefelt for the base. It is quite thick and it gets expensive to get all the colors you want. I read someplace on the web about using water soluble stabilizer as a base for creating flat felt.

Instead of running out and buying some, I decided to look in my drawer of stabilizers. And low and behold, there was a huge sheet of Superior Water Soluble Stabilizer.

I cut a piece and laid out some fibers horizontally and vertically and started needle felting. It worked like a charm. The first photo is the front side and here is the back.

Nice! Here it is after soaking in water to remove the stabilizer.

I want to do a large piece, similar to the Twelve x Twelve piece that I did, for the special exhibit that our guild is doing at the APWQ show in Tacoma in August.

My other activity this afternoon was to try painting the gray shibori with some watered down black paint to see if I could make it grayer. It worked.

Maybe it is too gray. I might have to try again with more water.

The old deck is gone!

I have to remember that I can’t walk out of the dining room to the deck!! I think I need some of that yellow do not enter tape.

Mark and Jayme arrived at lunch time yesterday. We had a fun family dinner at a local pizza restaurant.

Miles loves rhubarb crisp, which was the dessert on the menu last night.

He was not happy about sharing it with the rest of us! Actually, we had two for the table.

Today, M and J packed up their backpacks and headed for Seattle and then they are going on to the San Juan Islands to go camping and kayaking. The will come back here next week to spend 4th of July week-end with us. Then, Jayme is going back to work on her summer research project while Mark builds our new deck.

Turning the Corner

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

I was happy to wake up this morning to no spinning rooms. My vertigo seems to have stabilized. I was a little woozy for a couple of hours, but took Scooter for a long walk in wonderful warm sunshine. I spent part of the morning getting ready for Mark and Jayme to arrive tomorrow. They just sent me a text that they are in Grant’s Pass and should be here by lunch time.

This afternoon, I worked on my Twelve by Twelve piece. I have to stop showing photos, now!! I also weeded my veggie beds and the landscaping in the front yard. I followed this up with some extreme grocery shopping and a trip to the 47th Ave Farm to pick up my CSA veggies.

I went out on a limb this month and entered 3 different quilt shows. Sea of Salt, which you see up there, is going to Art Quilts Lowell 2011: The Sea. This makes me very happy and has boosted my sagging morale.

We are really looking forward to Mark and Jayme’s visit. They haven’t been here in almost two years. They are stopping here briefly and then going up to the San Juan Islands for a little vacation and kayaking. Then they will come back here. Jayme will go back to SF, but Mark will stay and build our new deck for us.

Mr C has it almost completely dismantled. There is no turning back, now.