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Auction Update

First, let me say how much I appreciated all of your messages regarding the death of my brother. They were so appreciated and too numerous to answer individually. I hope you understand. We are flying to Syracuse on Monday – leaving really early in the morning. I just checked the weather.  It will be in the teens with wind chill of 0°. I bought a new hat to match my winter coat and tights to keep my legs warm. We are only staying until Wednesday afternoon — I can only take so much of the really freezing weather.

I have been very distracted and haven’t gotten much done except working on the SDA website. Today, I got a touch up of color on my hair and a trim. I was so glad that Joseph could fit me in.

Now to the auction:

Unfortunately, the winning bidder of  the two gorgeous print sets by Jill Bliss and Natalie Tweedy, never paid and never responded to our emails. We were pretty disappointed, but hope that some of you
will be excited by a second opportunity to bring home some artwork and
support Kati and her girls. We will be opening up bidding on these two
items starting this evening at 6:00 pm PST. Check the auction site for
details. The bidding will only be open for 24 hours, so go check out the art work and make a bid. Help us support the Kim family and show your appreciation for these two artists.

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