SFMOMA- Part 1

July 22nd, 2016


One thing I really wanted to do while we were in California was to visit the renovated SFMOMA. It was closed for a long time as they expanded their exhibition space. Mr C used to say the SFMOMA was great architecture and bad art. The main problem was the lack of exhibition space. Well, that has been remedied. It is 5 floors of wondrous art. I had to stop and sit quite often as my stamina was minimal, but I kept going, feeling enriched by the creativity around me. By evening, I could barely get to my hotel room to crash!

We started on the fifth floor with an exhibition of outdoor sculpture. The wire man up there was quite delightful. This work was by an Englishman who created sculptures from natural materials on his solo treks around the world.



Next was this wall covering created by Jongstra, a Dutch fiber artist. She used raw and crafted felt, hand-spun silk, and dried flora. It was huge and in a hallway and difficult to photograph.


In another gallery, we saw these pieces by Andy Warhol and Chuck Close.


This was a different version of his Marilyn work – Reverse Marilyns.


Chuck Close created this portrait using circles in various shades of gray to black. Mesmerizing to look at.


I loved this piece by Frank Stella, so different from his other work, below.




So, I could not wait to get into this gallery! These pieces were in one room.







This very abstracted work always looks so simple, but believe me, it is not easy to do. Wish I had the ability.

IMG_2191 (1)

These are two pieces by Ellsworth Kelly that could be art quilts – actually, I think I have seen them made into quilts – don’t you agree.


I will continue this on another day. I need to get my beauty sleep. I am taking a Radical Embroidery workshop at Oregon College of Art and Craft for the next 3 days. This has been my week to enter back into my Portland life. It has been great, but very tiring. I seem to be better each day. In San Francisco, we stayed at the Sofitel in Redwood City. It was really lovely. This was the view from our room. I enjoyed living in the lap of luxury for a few days.


On the Road to CA

July 14th, 2016

File Jul 14, 9 03 48 PM

Here we are in California for the night. We really enjoyed the trip in the new Mercedes, such a difference from the Prius which we did not like for long trips. I made it to the Grants Pass Art Museum and even walked up the stairs which went on forever. I took the elevator down. Photography was not allowed but I snuck in a couple of long shots.

File Jul 14, 9 03 21 PM

I had to get a close up of Terry Grants Camas Prairie, which I love. The quilt next to it is by Cynthia St. Charles. It has lots of wonderful surface design.

File Jul 14, 9 04 18 PM

I got to see two views of my new knee when I checked in with my Surgeon this morning.


Ok, it has been a long and busy day for me. Time to crash

Wordless Wednesday

July 13th, 2016


Coming Out and Moving On

July 11th, 2016


After 7 weeks of being diligent with my care and physical therapy, today I graduated. I can get a good bend in my leg to 122°.  I can walk fairly gracefully (heh) on my own. I can manage stairs. I am sleeping quite well. Life is pretty good and I think it is time for me to get back to my life. That is me in the Total Knee Gym, getting iced after a rigorous workout.

I had to have x-rays done of my knee today for my appt. with the surgeon on Thursday. Here is how my leg looks in the classy shorts they give you for knee x-rays. You can see my lovely scar. Remember these legs are almost 78 years old! My surgery leg is still a little swollen.

File Jul 11, 8 24 30 PM

I have a video of my physical therapists playing kazoos and shaking pompoms for my graduation, but it was to big to upload. Here is my certificate:

File Jul 11, 8 28 10 PM

I started driving and am able to stand for longer periods of time and take back the cooking. Mr C is happy about that!!

Trinity Cathedral is hosting a wonderful exhibit called The Bridge. a ground-breaking exhibition of 47 premier Arab, Persian and Jewish contemporary artists from 15 countries of Muslim, Christian and Jewish traditions. The Bridge, exploring the theme of what “bridges” us to each other, as well as what they hold in common across their religions and cultures, is on view thru August 21 at the Cathedral.

On Saturday, I went to a training for docents. Yesterday evening, we had the opening reception with a huge turnout. The art work is really wonderful. I do my first stint of docenting tomorrow and I should be studying!! It feels really good to get out of my recovery bubble and be out in the world again. Here are a couple examples of the art.



Each one has a story of how the artist is representing the theme.

On Thursday, we are heading south to California to visit Paige and her parents. I can’t wait. We plan to stop in Grants Pass so that I can see the SAQA exhibit, Concrete and Grasslands. We always take a couple of days to drive down so we will stop overnight in Yreka, CA.

I am going to try to get back to blogging. I missed getting work into a lot of shows, but I hope to get back in the studio, soon. You can always find me on Facebook or on Instagram.

Wordless Wednesday

July 6th, 2016