Moving On

November 24th, 2014


I am somewhat in limbo because I can’t start dyeing the fabric for my solo show until January when I can have a larger space to work. I have been putting off making a couple of kid quilts for my great nieces, using the fabric line from my daughter, Lisa. I have a huge pile!!


I went looking on the internet for a quick and easy pattern that would work with the 9 different fabrics I have. I found this quilt which is designed to use a Moda fabric pack. I am going to modify it for my use.


I am going to make mine a bit larger. I have cut enough rectangles to get started on the first quilt. You can see them up at the top. I have two rows stitched.


I think this is going to work great and be easy to stitch together and quilt. I might have them done by Christmas.

Stephanie is going to do the Thanksgiving dinner this year. I am taking a couple of dishes and wine. It feels weird not to be in charge of the whole thing. But I think I can do this.

On Sunday, she and I are driving to Seattle to meet up with Jayme and Paige. Jayme has an interview for her residency at U of W Children’s Hospital. Steph and I are going to entertain Paige on Monday, or vice versa! It should be fun. An all Congdon girl party.

I found out from my friend, Mary, that she finally got a letter from the church and she has the commission. I asked her about their desire for a sculptural piece with uneven edges. She has done a piece like this that they liked. I am happy she got this. Doing sculptural quilts is not in my wheel house.

Wordless Wednesday

November 19th, 2014

WW 11-19-14

Wordless Wednesday

November 12th, 2014

ww 11-12-14

If I Was a Multi-millionaire

November 9th, 2014

PAM Russo

….I would have an incredible art collection. Mr C and I had an art date at the Portland Art Museum this week-end. We saw a portion of the work collected by Arlene and the late Harold Schnitzer. In Passionate Pursuit includes selections from the Schnitzers’ magnificent collection of Han dynasty Chinese art, 19th and 20th century silver, Native American ceramics and beaded bags, international glass works, and paintings and sculptures by Northwest and West Coast post-war masters. It was magnificent. I was feeling a little under the weather and really want to go back.

In their collection, is the work of two of my favorite Portland modern artists – Michele Russo and Carl Morris. The above photo is a work by Russo. Here is another piece of his:


Here are two works my Carl Morris. My closeups were a little fuzzy.


I am just going to show you some of my other favorite pieces from the collection. Bronze and wool blankets by Marie Watt.


Painting by Louis Bunce – Beach, Low Tide #2

PAM Bunce

Mr C like this piece!! Bowee Wowee. The poop was very realistic!


Forest Hermit – by Roy DeForest   So much to see here and so much fun.


A fun ceramic piece by Viola Frey.



This piece was gorgeous and so beautifully rendered that from a distance it looked like a photo. Villa Gamberaia-Laghetto by Tom Fawkes.




Some gorgeous fused glass plates.  Klaus Moje.



Somehow, I neglected to get attribution for the next two paintings.


I just loved this one of horses in a landscape. Just so serene and simple and yet drawing us in with the shapes and colors.


Here is a mixed media piece with oil, fabric and leaves on canvas by Michelle Ross.


Leaf detail:

mixedmedia detail

This piece was very intriguing. Will or Won’t by Squeak Carnwath. She embellishes her paintings with imagery that conjures up stories in the viewers mind – at least it did for me. willitorwontit



The title is painted on the side of the canvas:



I love the title of this one – Rumpus Jump by Lucinda Parker. (I love that so much of their collection is work by women.)


I have seen full-size versions of Deborah Butterfield’s horses, but these were much smaller and really lovely.



This piece was interesting to me for how it was executed. It is titled The Last Words by Dinh Q. Le. It is a woven Chromogenic print and linen tape.


Here is a detail:


A wall sculpture titled Green Piece by Mel Katz


A smallish abstract by C S Price who was born in 1874. I liked the shapes and colors in this.


And last, a wonderful little carving by John Frame, titled Short Shrift. We saw an installation of his marvelous carvings and assemblages a couple of years ago.


So, there you go. Hope you enjoyed seeing some art that I love. There was a lot more, but these were my personal favorites. I will try to post this next week, but I have a lot of appointments and meetings. Such is my life!

Fabric Printing at Home

November 6th, 2014


Julie Booth, one of the members of The Printed Fabric Bee has written a wonderful book about printing on fabric at home. She uses every thing but the kitchen sink – on second thought, I think she probably uses the kitchen sink!! As a surface designer, I always enjoy looking at books with fresh ideas. I really enjoyed going through Julie’s book. It is packed with good information and beautiful photos.

She starts the book with very excellent information about setting up a home printing area and gathering the needed supplies – brushes, paints, and other tools. Scattered through the book are highlighted areas with extra information, tips and photos such as this one on how to make a portable padded print board.


Julie provides a plethora of ideas for using found items and stuff you will find in your kitchen cabinets for resists and printing – such as flour, sugar, veggies, foil. You can also find ways to use things you might normally throw in the trash or recycle bin to print gorgeous fabric.


I especially like this trio of fabrics printed with blocks embellished with rubber bands, twist ties and string or twine. Click on any photo to see it larger,


This piece has a nice textured background that has been over printed using veggies.


You can pre-order the book from Amazon HERE.  Photos are used with permission from Quarry Books.