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I can’t help it…

Sunday, September 17th, 2006

I spent a lot of time with M & M this week-end. I took some photos of them in the backyard this afternoon. so here is some gratuitous cuteness:


Here is Mia going

and coming…


And the adorable Milo, “fishing”:



Here is a hint of fall in our backyard:


Lisa is here until tomorrow evening, but she is spending the night with Steph so that she can take Mia to school tomorrow and then they are having breakfast with Alicia. Today she looked at houses and neighborhoods as she ponders the possibility of joining the rest of us here in Portland. I hardly dare say it out loud for fear I will jinx it! We had dinner at Steph’s tonight, with the two of them cooperating on the meal and it was delish and a joy to be fed by my girls.