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The Naked Ladies of August

Do I have your attention? Years ago when we moved to California, I was introduced to the very exotic Naked Lady flowers. In late July or early August, they just appear – these beautiful pink lily flowers atop a slender stalk with no leaves. I left California at the end of July and when I got home last week – there they were – everywhere! When I took my walk down in the park with Maggie, I found one lone Naked Lady along side the road. All week I have wanted to take my camera down to photograph it. Today, it was no where to be found. So instead I found a bevy of Naked Ladies at Bishop’s Ranch where I spent the afternoon.

I also found this beautiful succulent and tried out the close-up setting on my camera:


While I was walking with Maggie and Steve, I took some photos to show you the colors and textures of late summer. Some of you may remember that I took you on this walk last March when it was wetter and greener – you can see here.  The forest is pretty much bone dry now and the colors are more mature and faded.

Here are Steve and Maggie (wondering what is taking me so long)!


It is near the end of the blackberry season:



Here are some pics of trees and moss in its late summer mode.


Dry Creek Bed




Drying moss on tree trunk


Spanish  moss


A deserted cabin

A Manzanita tree


I love the dark wine red color of the Manzanita bark.

So that’s what my walk is like here in the late summer. Gotta get busy packing stuff for guild meeting tomorrow. I am doing a mini workshop on making postcards.

3 Responses to “The Naked Ladies of August”

  1. Great pics…had no idea there was spanish moss in CA…thought it was a deep south thing…and only near the water…guess someone transplanted it…wonder if the chiggers went with it?! LOL maggie in sc

  2. Diane says:

    I love “Naked Ladies!” Caroline still giggles when we’re driving and I yell out “Naked ladies on the side of the road” — which of course I yell out whenever I see them, for the amusement factor. (As my mother would say, small things amuse small minds…)

  3. DebR says:

    What lovely photographs!!

    I don’t know the “real” name of that succulent, but that’s the one my MIL always called Hens ‘n’ Chicks.