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Me Too

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008


I am joining the blog chorus of Happy New Year (and Maggie, too). I was going to share my goals and aspirations for 2009, but I am a little late and a little tired for that. Maybe tomorrow.

I am so excited for 2009 and especially, January 20th. I cannot complain about 2008. It has really been a pretty good year for me. I turned 70, in style. I have been healthy. I have gotten into some pretty good quilt shows. I have enjoyed finding a new direction in my work. I asked for and got my own show. I got to finally meet Judy in the Dyes and had a wonderful time at Coupeville with her. It has been a good year. Here is what I said last year about 2008.

  • We will elect a new president and things will get better in the political arena.
  • I will not have to start a diet — already been there and done that, but I will continue to lose.
  • I will turn 70 in October and that seems almost impossible to me. Mia told me the other day that I don’t look old because I have no wrinkles!
  • Mr C and I are taking a trip to the Holy Land in May which is bound to be an incredible journey for us.
  • I am excited about creating some new art cloth that will become quilted art.

It made me happy to look back and see the positive attitude I had and how it came to fruition. Oh, I didn’t lose that much more weight, but I didn’t gain it back either so I will keep on keeping on.

We just got home from the annual Cathedral New Year’s eve concert which is very eclectic and involves our Jewish neighbors from Temple Beth Israel. I always get so teary-eyed at the end when the bagpiper comes down the aisle and then plays Auld Lang Syne.

The only damper on my day is that my postcards did not get delivered. UPS says they were missed at the depot. I paid for 2nd day air and now I have to wait until Friday. I am very p_ _ _ ed off and have asked for a refund. Otherwise, I had a great day with some things I will share later. Yikes, it is only 7 days until I hang my show and 11 days until the opening reception.

Coming Clean in My Studio

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

As promised, I am going to show you the disaster that my studio has become.

Here is my cutting table.


The area next to my sewing machine:


The ironing table:


The surface design table:


Instead of digging in and cleaning up, I put up a folding table in my computer/tv room and watched my taped shows from this past week and worked on this new cruciform which is going to a very special person.


I am looking forward to quilting it tomorrow so that I can get it in the mail.

And I’m feeling so good about my body these days. My pants are falling off, and I am fitting in to clothes that have been languishing in my closet. So I took this photo to commemorate my almost 15 pounds of lost fat.


Tomorrow morning I have to go back to the Japanese Garden to take down the show. Apparently someone called the Garden today and wanted to know if Lunar Eclipse was still there. But she never came in to buy it. I was given her phone number. I’ll call her and maybe we can work out a sale.