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Deadlines Met

Monday, November 1st, 2010

I finished both of my projects due today. The Rusty Square Dance was posted this morning. Today, I finished my self portrait to enter Mirror Mirror at Trinity Cathedral.

I made the deconstructed rainbow fiber sketch as an antidote to the work I have been doing which required lots of time at the sewing machine and much angst and unsewing.

We are happy in our house because the Giants just won the World Series. Having spent much of our lives together in the Bay Area, we have been big Giant fans.

Tomorrow is a big day for our country. I fear that the elections will usher in a a few years of  unbearable political wrangling. But, hope springs eternal. At least the terrible TV commercials will be gone.

Here is the self portrait after I quilted it.

Here is a detail to show the stitching. Don’t  you love the highlights in my hair?

I mounted it with the other portrait on stretcher bars. I have titled it Then and Now. I decided to take artistic license and not add glasses.


Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

I have the updated self portrait ready to quilt. This makes me smile. I still have to figure out how to do my glasses!! I think I will do the turquoise pair.

I played a bit with some of the colors for the Rusty colorplay challenge for my fiber sketch tonight.

I got to pick Miss Mia up from school today because Miles had a Dr appointment. It was fun taking her out for an after school snack. We had just gotten to my house when her Mom showed up, but still a fun time.

Trial and Error

Monday, October 25th, 2010

After mistakes and some experimenting, I finally got a piece of fabric that I am happy with. You can click it to see it enlarged.

After the last failure, I decided to mix up some turquoise dye with thiox discharge paste. I have done this in the past to get turquoise deposited where the fabric is discharged. For some reason, turquoise does not discharge. Remember that a couple of weeks ago, I was discharging black fabric. I had some paste mixed up and sitting in my dye kitchen. I blithely added turquoise dye and went to work.

I wore my respirator!

And after the fabric dried, I ironed it and then threw it in the wash. Guess what? I ended up with a piece of rust silk with no marks at all. Well, I forgot that thiox paste is only good for about 24 hours. Duh.

My next experiment was to mix dynaflow paint with the de Colourant paste. I made more marks on the rust silk.

After I steamed it with an iron, I could see from the back that the rust had discharged.

When I washed it, I got the subtle verde green color in the first photo. I am very happy with it.

I am working on two projects that need to be completed by next Monday. The other is for a juried show at my church, Trinity Episcopal, titled: Mirror, Mirror, a show of self portraits.

I did a self portrait a  few years ago for a Quilting Arts challenge — a Picasso version of my younger self. I decided to do an updated version and mount them together – sort of me – 50 years apart. The older me is more colorful! Here they are with the newer version a work in progress.

I have been having fun and feel very energized after a fallow period. The studio is a mess which means I am in creative mode.

Made a List

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Yes, I made a list on paper. The list in the head was not working. I checked off quite a few things — photography for the Line Dancing quilts which I sent to Terry for the CD. I wrote my artist statements for the 2 pieces and sent them to Georgia who is making the labels. I selected two pieces for possible inclusion in the Columbia Fiberarts Guild show at the Contemporary Craft Museum and did the paper work. I also worked on SDA conference registration, of course!!

I am happy to say that Noshi Ribbons was purchased at the last minute today and is going to a new home in Santa Cruz, California. The new owner wants a bamboo rod so I tinted a piece of bamboo with turquoise paint. Fiberart for a Cause has now raised over 17o, 000 for the American Cancer Society. I will alert you when the Collage Mania sale starts.

I did it. Got my hair cut and didn’t get the color. Here I am. Can you see the gray?


I am enjoying the short cut. Makes me feel like spring is here and I can shed the weight of winter.  Next month, I am getting new glasses. Now, if I could just lose the 20 pounds that is plaguing me, life would be great. My headache was not gone, but was much better today.

Feelin’ Fine

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Thank God for the miracle of antibiotics. I felt better by Friday. I made it back to WW after a month of being snowed in, show stuff and car repairs. I was up 4 ounces – not bad. I also gave up on growing out my hair and went in to see Joseph and got it cut. Here is my latest I-book Photo-booth self portrait.  Oops, no earrings – naked ears!!


I said I wouldn’t post again until I had something creative to show. This afternoon, I started a piece titled “Somewhere, Over the Rainbow.” Here is a sneak peek. I have enjoyed doing some seed stitching with rainbow perle cotton.


Yesterday, we had a family birthday dinner for Mr C. He finished the painting of my office so that he could show it off. I still have some reorganizing to do, but here is a sneak peek. I really love the way the room is shaping up — so fresh and light and airy. It no longer feels like a dungeon.


M & M settled down to watch Myth Busters on the Discovery Channel.


We found out that two bull myths are false. They are not angered by the color red and they walked daintily through a china shop. Mia says the show should be called Myth Blowups!!

The Barnes family gifted Mr C with this beautiful succulent.


I made a delicious dinner of salmon roasted on a bed of potatoes, parsnips and peas and Mr C’s favorite — Carrot Cake.

Today was cold. We awoke to snow covering everything, but this afternoon, the sun came out. Maggie loves to sleep in the sun as it streams in the living room windows.


Finally, I just want to say that I am loving the changes that are coming from the Obama White House. What a difference. He has such a big job on his hands, but I think he is off to a great start. I took this photo on the TV when he was making his inaugural speech.