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Turkey Day Minus One

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

Where have I been? Monday, we had a family celebration for Milo’s fifth birthday. We had sushi at Mio Sushi and then watched him open all of his fantastic gifts from family members. He was all smiles. I also began a major clean up and put away in the studio. I have been coming and going and working on various projects and there were piles and messes everywhere. I finished cleaning yesterday and got to work on the auction quilt for Milo’s pre-school art show.

Here is my progress so far:


The two blank spaces will have pieced blocks because I have 26 blocks and decided a 4 X 7 worked best. Here is a close-up of some of the art work which I scanned and printed on fabric.


The theme is “My favorite season.” These are 3-5 year olds so most of the work consists of some scribbles. Milo drew a knight holding a shield with the sun shining – all in yellow!

Today, I went to my favorite market, Zupan’s, to pick up my turkey and shop for the ingredients for a great Thanksgiving Day meal. The turkey is soaking in brine overnight and will get smoked on the weber tomorrow. I did make these two important menu items today:


Pumpkin and pecan – yummmm!

This is for Lisa, Mark and Jayme. It is the cuteness of Maggie letting you know how much she will miss you tomorrow:



Wishing all my readers a happy and calorie laden Thanksgiving Day. I am counting my many blessings and looking forward to January with a sense of hope for our country. Hopefully, we have turned a corner and are headed in a better direction.