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On the Road Day 3

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015


I was interrupted in my posting of our road trip because we were off the grid for the duration of our time in Glacier National Park. Not a bad thing at all! Above was our view as we headed from Idaho into Montana. We were in uncharted territory, once again, as we meandered across the Idaho Panhandle and then headed into Montana and wended our way to the eastern side of the magnificent park.


We saw many trains, most were carrying oil or dirty coal to be shipped to China. The above train was name John CoalTrain by my husband – it was a long one.

We stopped for lunch along the beautiful and pristine Flathead Lake. Didn’t take photos!

Then, we found ourselves driving north through Black Feet territory, where the plains meet the Rockies.


We reached the Many Glacier Road which was lined with Aspens!! You know how I love Aspens, but I didn’t get photos because I was driving. I did take this photo as we approached the lodge area.


Here is a photo of one wing of the lodge that I took from the veranda on our first day:


We were wowed when we got to our 4th floor room and saw this view.


We ate dinner in the lodge dining room every night. The food was pricey and not that great, but the ambiance made up for it. The wait staff was from all over the world and each one wore a name tag with their home country or state. I took these views of the sunset from the dining room.




I am really tired tonight. We had a long drive today and are now in Kenniwick, WA for the night. Home tomorrow. I will post more of our fun later.