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Our Listing has Gone Live

So now, we try to keep the house neat and clean and take calls from people who want to check it out. Tomorrow is the open house. We are not looking at any offers until Tuesday. Wish us luck!!

Here is a link to the virtual tour of our home.


4 Responses to “Our Listing has Gone Live”

  1. Pammyfay says:

    Oops! I obviously didn’t look at your posting date very well! Hope everything WENT swell!

  2. Pammyfay says:

    Gorgeous! I’m sure the open house will go very well.

  3. Wishing you great luck, Gerrie. My mom’s apartment hasn’t moved and I am trying not to stress till spring comes.

  4. Helen Conway says:

    Good luck! I remember the combined nerves and excitement of this waiting period when selling!