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Art Quilt Workshop Prep


I am getting ready to teach an art quilting class for our multi-generational art program at Trinity. We will have no sewing machines so I got permission from Laura Wasilowski to pattern my class after her wonderful little hand-stitched art quilts. This is my class sample that I am working on. I have some stitching done.

I love this part soooo much. Slow stitching – ahhhhh!


The class will be on Wednesday nights for the next 4 weeks – an hour and a half per class. So part of my planning is parsing out the steps to a finished quilt. For those who get done early, I will have them make fiber postcards.

I bought several batiks for them to use for the background fused to black felt. I have lots and lots of fused scraps that I am bringing in for them to use for their creations.


There are so many things to think of. I will try to take photos as we go along.

I was exhausted after the SAQA conference and then I had a backlog of SDA work to do. Today, I am feeling rested and energetic again.

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