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Day Four On The Red Bus


On Sunday, our first full day in the park, we had reservations to take an 8 hour ride in this vintage red bus. These buses were built in 1936 and still look the same, but have been modernized. Each row of seats has its own door. They have leather seats and are really the coolest thing. Our driver, Lisa, was funny and very well informed about the geology and wildlife of the park. It was cold and a bit rainy when we started out so each row of seats had this special Pendleton blanket to keep room.


Lisa told us to be on the lookout for wild life and right off, we saw this young moose.


Soon after, we saw a young black bear.


And, wonder of wonders, out next sighting was of a young Grisly.


We saw lots of wildflowers. The prettiest were the lupine.


And, I saw more Aspens in one place than I have ever seen before.


Gorgeous vistas awaited us around every corner.


Along the perimeter of the park, as we were heading to the East Glacier Lodge, we saw this group of horses, with a gangly colt.


In the other direction, looking east, we could see the plains for as far as we could see.


We stopped along the continental divide and saw where the waters flow east to the Missouri and north to the Hudson Bay and west to the Columbia.


After lunch, the sun came out and we were able to roll back the top of the bus.


We made a stop for Huckleberry soft serve ice cream and then took a hike back to these beautiful falls. There are actually two sets of falls coming together.


The rocks in the streams were in beautiful colors.


We got a great deal of information about how this area was formed from sedimentation, earthquakes and glaciers. This was an interesting S curve formed by the movement of the earth.


More Aspens.


And I couldn’t resist sharing this headline from a local newspaper.


We met some great people who shared the bus with us. It really was a great day. Our only regret was that we were there to early to travel to the summit of the Going to the Sun road. It is not opening to thru traffic until the 19th.



2 Responses to “Day Four On The Red Bus”

  1. Claudia McCarter says:

    Sounds wonderful. It is a place on my Bucket List!

  2. Jeannie says:

    Your trip has brought back so many good memories of Glacier, thank you. You saw more wildlife in one trip than I have seen on over 5 trips there! It is one of the most beautiful spots on Earth and I am so glad you enjoyed it. (Going to the Sun is pretty, but Lake Louise is where I would go again.)