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Crazy Day


Today did not go as I planned so I made the best of it. Mr C took the new car to the dealership at 7:30 this morning to have a protective sealant put on it. He came home with a loaner and later, I asked him to take me to the studio to work on my dyeing. We got down to the lobby when I realized that my keys were in the car. Oops. So back to the condo, hoping it would not take too long to get the car back. Ha! It was 4:00. I did get lots of SDA work done which I often do at night.

As soon as I got the car, I ran down and rinsed out my gradations from yesterday and added some soda ash to the blue gradation. I put everything in a bucket and brought it  home.

It all got rinsed, washed, dried and ironed. I love that blue gradation which was done by the dilutive method, meaning a dye solution had water added going from dark to light. The other gradations are done by the additive method, adding more dye solution with each piece.

I got much better gradation with the dilutive method. I just love those blues.

Here is my 8 step yellow gradation:

_DSC7558 (1)

You can’t see much change in the middle pieces.

And I did only 3 step gradations with the turquoise and fuchsia. It doesn’t really show, but I got some nice mottling on these.


I didn’t have time to do the high water dyeing in a bucket so I will go back and do that tomorrow.


One Response to “Crazy Day”

  1. Mary Helen in OR says:

    I am so enjoying your photos and blog posts. I took Elizabeth Barton’s dyeing class on the old Quilt University and didn’t participate at all. No place to dye except outdoors in summer. However, I did enjoy learning about the process. Hope you continue to blog.