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Mixed Feelings

I finished this and entered it in the SAQA poster call for entry. I don’t know if it will make the cut,  but I am happy with it. It was totally inspired by last month’s political mess. I often post doom and gloom on facebook, but intersperse it with messages of hope. So, it is a very personal piece. I named it after the Emily Dickinson poem, Hope is the thing with feathers. I think I wrote a very good artist statement about it.

Here is a detail:

I used a lot of bright pink as an homage to women everywhere. It is the women leading the resistance movement.

My daughter, Lisa, won some beautiful yarn at an event and gifted me with it. I will have lots of beautiful knitting in my future.

Here is where I am in the silk stitch along.

This is my practice piece with the background stitching done.

I have just started the background on this one.

Today we finally had our STASH Christmas luncheon. So, now I can show you the gifts I made back in December. One of my high school friends gifted me with a microwave cozy when I was home last summer. I have really enjoyed using it when I heat up a mug of water or a bowl of soup. I started by choosing some batiks and complementary solids from my stash.


I cut 1o inch squares and sandwiched with 100% cotton batting. Here they are,waiting to be stitched.



If you want to make some, just google Microwave Cozy and several tutorials will show up in your search.

When we left the restaurant, I said good-bye to everyone and went to my car. Someone had parked so close that I could not get in the driver’s side. I was beside myself. I got in the passenger’s seat and tried to hoist myself over, but was unsuccessful. It was a shopping center so I had no idea where the other driver was or how long they would be. I was so upset. Called Mr C to whine. I had on thick soled shoes so I thought if I took of my shoes, I might have enough room to get my legs over the console and slide into the passenger seat. It worked! How is that for a rather chunky 78 year old?

I have mixed feelings because I have so much goodness in my personal life and yet I feel so despondent over what is happening to our country.

2 Responses to “Mixed Feelings”

  1. Anita Lay says:

    Love your HOPE quilt. Made my day. We all need all the hope we can cling to in the current political climate. At least you live in a blue state. You should be down here in REDneck country surrounded by fools. Yet even our town managed to turn out about 1000 people for a sister march. Doug and Anne and about seven friends marched in DC along with my friend Dottie. Don’t know if you remember (or even knew) Elaine and Bob Kirk in Schenectady. They were in Naples FL for January to get out of Minneapolis and Elaine flew to B’more to be with her daughter Heather, who lives in Columbia, MD, and Heather’s daughter Rosie. They all marched in DC. If I were not so mobility impaired these days, I would have been there, too. And what was the reaction in our local paper’s letters to the editor column….” a lot of stupid lefty ’60s wannabes make fools of themselves in Washington.”. We live with this daily. This summer we are checking out assisted living up in NYS. Even the beach and the weather does not make up for the people here,far too many of whom are hateful bigots…including people I know well and up until now would have considered my friends. No longer. I don’t even want to speak to them, let alone live in the same town. So your quilt message meant a lot.

  2. Diane says:

    I feel your pain in all things political. Feeling depressed and useless even as make calls and send postcards.

    I once parked early at Quilt Festival and when we left, the cars on either side of my car were so close we could not even shinny down to try the doors. My daughter was 8 months pregnant and I’m not a skinny mini. But luckily I drive a minivan and I opened up the back and crawled over three banks of seats to get in and she directed me backing out of the sticky situation. If I were really vindictive I would have keyed both cars, I was that mad. But when they go low, we go high. Right?