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Sunday with the Grandkids

We are having a quiet time in Portland with the family. I’m finally beginning to feel  some energy return. Yesterday morning we went to the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival in Canby. The amount of yarn and roving available was overwhelming. It was so crowded and I was still not feeling great so regrettably I ended up buying nada. Mia and Milo enjoyed seeing the goats, sheep, alpacas and llamas.

In the afternoon, Steve and I drove out to Lake Oswego to look at neighborhoods as we are probably going to move up here in the next year. Last night, Steph  made a feast of turkey burgers, sweet potato fries and cole slaw, then we went out to Ben and Jerry’s for ice cream.

This morning Steve started the day reading the comics to Mia and MIlo:


Mia took a ride on her pretty  hobby horse that her mom made for her. Isn’t Steph creative?


Then we took a walk down to Hawthorne St.:


Mia found a California Poppy!


Milo took a rest before he took off on his self-designed par course:


Twirling on a pole


Hanging from a bicycle rack.


He sprints to the finish!!


Mia was usually ahead of us and had to wait for us to catch up:


We saw these purple things on our walk:

beautiful hydrangeas:


these wonderful flowers with bees – can  you spot the bees?


This house that was for sale, but had been sold. I’d like to meet the person who painted the house or who bought the house!!


Almost home:


This afternoon we went out to look at more neighborhoods in Portland. We really like Eastmoreland which is near Reed College. Tonight, Jack and Steph are on a date and we are babysitting.

Tomorrow we head home, but with lots of excitement about the possibility of moving here and having more quality time with Mia and Milo.

5 Responses to “Sunday with the Grandkids”

  1. patricia says:

    man, i love that girl’s style! so glad and excited about your move! it’ll be fun to follow your portland adventures…

  2. ginger says:

    wasn’t it a great day in the northwest!!! I would live in the hawthorne district if I had to move to portland again…as it is I feel I have the best of both as I live close enough to the city to enjoy some of the cultural events but have an oasis of peace at my house …you have a beautiful family…i am glad those keds will soon have you near-by

  3. Jen Anderson says:

    Thanks for sharing your lovely walk! How exciting that you will be closer to your family…lots more good times ahead. Looks like a pretty neighborhood, and you will enjoy putting your artistic touches on your new house, once you find it. Jen

  4. DebR says:

    Your grandkids are so cute!!

    And your hubby’s hair is gorgeous. If mine ever goes that shade of silver, I will stop coloring it immediately.

    Love the vibrant house you spotted – great colors.

  5. I really enjoyed the walk with you and the kids and Steve. The flowers, and house and all are just wonderful, but the very best is the sweater Milo is wearing. I really must must must make myself one of those from all my yarn leftovers. Thanks for the inspiration.