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Outside(r) Art

No, I am not talking about art out in my yard. A discussion of art is always happening on the Art Quilt List. The topic of Outside Art came up and some of us volunteered to show our collections.

I found this definition on line:

Creative works– paintings, drawings, sculptures, assemblages, and idiosyncratic gardens and other outdoor constructions — by people who have had little or no formal training in art and who produce (or at least began by producing) art without regard to the mainstream art world’s recognition, marketplace or definitions. These are people who make art for themselves or their immediate community, often without recognizing themselves as artists until some collector or expert comes along to inform that what they are doing is making art.

My sister-in-law, in Florida, is an expert on outside artists. She teaches at U. of S. Fla, and has discovered many artists and has an enviable outside art collection.

So here are photos of what I consider my outside art. We have a lot of paintings, photos and prints in addition to these. I collect a lot of ethnic, particularly Mexican, art. I also like naive religious art which I consider to be outside art. My daughter, Lisa, when she first started making art, was very much the epitome of an outside artist. She was untrained and just making stuff, and a lot of it was for me.

Since I am uploading a lot of photos, I am using thumbnails which can be clicked to see them larger.

Here is the stuff that Lisa has done for me over the years, before she became “famous”. The candlesticks are by Ben Owens in North Carolina.

0sart2.jpg osart11.jpg osart4.jpg

Here is some of my ethnic art.

osart12.jpg osart8.jpg osart6.jpg

Here is my cross collection and some of my other naive religious art. The last photo also has a tin angel by an outside artist in the south.

osart14.jpg osart5.jpg

The following items fall under the category of American Outside Artists. The last one is our latest acquisition, a gift from my sil and bil for Christmas. It is a painting done on yellow legal paper. The writing says, “If a young man knew, would he grow old.”
osart1.jpg osart3.jpg osart9.jpg

The church in this next photo was painted by a woman I knew in NC, who started painting in her 80’s. It is the chapel where Stephanie was married, in Airlie Gardens, Wilmington, NC. Then, there is the drawing of an angry Viking by my grandson, done a year ago when he was 5.
osart13.jpg osart10.jpg

That concludes the tour. I have other things which I just didn’t photograph, but you get the idea.

I am feeling a great deal of malaise and post-holiday depression, which has be exacerbated by the dark, dreary, damp weather of Portland. I took two walks and did some work on the SDA website and some puttering in the studio, but I am feeling fallow in the creative department. I am working on a piece with some of my wonderful art cloth, which I am reluctant to cut up, but to move forward, I think I must take the plunge and snip, snip. I will try to report back tomorrow with some results.

7 Responses to “Outside(r) Art”

  1. Gerrie, you’re an art collector after my own heart! Love the stuff you’ve collected, it looks sort of like my house! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Judy says:

    oh Lord……….and then there’s Lisa’s fabulous work! LOL (I got a phone call and was distracted). I’m so proud to have one of her mod birds as part of my collection! I would love to see that first collage up close and personal.


  3. Judy says:

    Loved the tour of your outside art, and what a great definition! Your cross collection is fabulous, and the fish made out of the Hunt’s tomato puree can is precious, as is Milo’s drawing of the angry Viking. What a powerful painting and title of “If a young man knew, would he grow old”. I adore that one!
    Hope you are feeling better today.


  4. At heart, most quiltmakers would qualify for outsider artist….and that’s way good to me. Sorry to hear about your post-holiday blues…fear we are both suffering from the same funky mindset. I know what I should be doing, even on occasion what I want to do but just not getting there.
    Hope you bounce back soon…as I know you will with your usual creative spirit.

  5. dee says:

    Your cross collection os amazing as is Lisa’s work. Looks like there’s another artist up and coming in the family.

  6. beadbabe49 says:

    Isn’t it called, “outsider” art, gerrie? I thought that was how I’ve seen it labeled?

  7. Kristin L says:

    Oooh, I recognize quite a few of those from my visit. I think the fish is my favorite, although it was really wonderful to see Lisa’s work in person, and your cross collection is quite impressive!