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Having a good day in Portland

I am having a great time in Portland. This morning Steph and I went to Fabric Depot where I found lucious silk fabrics to fuse. Here is a photo.

It is Stephanie’s birthday. Jack made pancakes and bacon for breakfast which I almost missed because I was sleeping so soundly. To see some photos of the day go here.

This afternoon Mia, Milo and I made carrot cake cupcakes which we are going to decorate like little chicks a la Martha Stewart because Stephanie loves chickens!! Here is a pic of one!

Tonight we are going out for sushi. Tomorrow, I’m taking Steph shopping to get a watch and new shoes from me.

9 Responses to “Having a good day in Portland”

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  3. lizzieb says:

    Are you ever going to have fun when you get home! Just think of all the ideas those dots can conjure up.

  4. Diane says:

    I’m glad you’re having fun! Love the fabric…and I eyed that Martha magazine with the chicks and thought they looked like fun! Bet Miles and Mia are having a blast!

  5. Deborah says:

    This makes me want to go shopping with MY mom. Luckily she’s coming to visit in a couple of weeks. We will also go shopping in Portland — Maine!

  6. JulieZS says:

    Spotted silk, fabulous! And the chicken dessert looks so cute and delish too. Glad you are having fun in Portland.
    Bet your watch is lime green!

  7. Sonji Hunt says:

    Oh, that spotted silk is GORGEOUS.

  8. Karoda says:

    lucious silks for sure! continue on with the merriement in Portland 🙂

  9. PaMdora says:

    Gorgeous silk polka dots! And does that chick have RED LICORICE feet?!