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Addendum to Yesterday

I am so brain fatigued by the time I get a chance to blog. I was falling asleep and remembered a couple of more things I wanted to post. One is a photo from the beautiful Othodox church that we visited in Nazareth. We asked permission to sing a Taize chant, and it was breathtakingly beautiful – wonderful acoustics.

Some things that have delighted my soul.

  • Listening to the Muslim call to prayer since we have arrived. It is hauntingly beautiful
  • Watching a Palestinian grandmother and grandchild smiling and waving at us from a balcony in Nazareth.
  • Catching a wave and a smile from an Israeli soldier on a bus that was stopped next to us at a traffic light.
  • Smelling Jasmine at the kibbutz after a dousing of rain during the night.

2 Responses to “Addendum to Yesterday”

  1. Kristin L says:

    Mmmm — Jasmine — another favorite. I can imagine that your head is just spinning from all you are experiencing and seeing and doing. I hope that you are finding time to sketch a bit and perhaps write more inspirations than what you are recording here for us — colors, smells, comparisons, etc. Your creative thoughts in your previous post sound like you are probably filling quite a coffer of imagery for your art.

  2. Judy says:

    I LOVE Taize…and that must have been one memorable experience to chant at the church in Nazareth.
    Your reflections on your soul delights are so poignant!
    ahhhhhhhhhhhh: wish we were there!