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Jerusalem Gates and Walls

We spent another restless night as Mr C had a relapse during the night, but after a several doses of something called “Stop It” and a dose of Cipro, he enjoyed the day of activities with me. We continue to have members of the group coming down with the virus. So, I know I am not out of the woods, yet. My hope is that I don’t come down with it when I have to head to the airport at 4 am.

I have to get something off my chest. When we used to travel abroad, you could always rely on getting up to date news from CNN. But, here in Israel, at least at the two hotels where we have stayed, the only US TV is Fox  News. It makes me gag to have to watch the garbage they spew. I am offended that this Fake news station is the only source of what is happening in the USA.

The good news is that I created enough disk space on my computer so that I am downloading photos without problems again.

Today was day spent learning and viewing the Jerusalem wall with all its different gates and architectural styles. I think there are 7 gates in all — the ones I can name are Damascus, Jaffa, Sheep’s, Dung and St. Stephens. To view the city from one of the hills is just mind boggling. To walk within the walls is a thrilling experience, at least for me. Today, we were in the Jewish quarter. It was very quiet and orderly, some in the group commented on how much they enjoyed that. Not me, I love the messiness, smells, sights and excitement of the Muslim quarter.

How cute is this little girl on her way to school!

Here are Mr C and I in front of some of the huge stones that once made up part of the wall before it was destroyed by some invading army. By the way, the Walking Store in Portland fitted me with some orthotics that have made my Plantar Fasciitis practically disappear, despite all the walking that I am doing here.

We also went to the Western Wall, also known as the Wailing Wall. This was quite an experience. There are separate sides for men and women. There were many more women. There are bookshelves of Jewish scripture which anyone can select and read. Many of the women sit in chairs and rock as they read. Others stand with their heads on the wall, praying. There are people of all colors and ethnic backgrounds. It is a very spiritual place and I feel honored that I could touch the wall and say a prayer for my loved ones.

This group of young people were in a circle, singing and then they burst into a rousing, jumping dance. Suddenly the Israeli security was there to stop them. I was really enjoying their enthusiasm.

On our way to the bus and lunch, I took some more photos in the shops. This is for Terry, who is enjoying my photos.

For lunch, we went back through the ugly wall to Bethlehem. This time, we got a pass. This is on the Israeli side.

The lunch was the best food we have had so far. We had grilled lamb and chicken and the typical Mediterranean salads and hummus and pita bread. The dessert was a divine baklava. We are going back there tomorrow night for our farewell dinner.

I guess that when I wake up tomorrow, I will be able to see how well Obama has done in today’s primaries. I sure do want to get this wrapped up!

9 Responses to “Jerusalem Gates and Walls”

  1. Judy says:

    Well, I am a few days late in checking back in on your blog, and either you are in transit home or you caught the dreaded bug, and are not posting. Oh Lord, I pray that you just took a few days off and decided to simply enjoy the scenery and get some rest.
    Your pics are fabulous, and I too love those colorful hangings.
    As I’m sure you know, Georgia is a red state, and so when I go to public places (like the gym) I see nothing but Fox News on the TVs. It irritates the heck out of me, and I take great pleasure in changing those stations to CNN just as soon as I can. You are correct: that Fox is not news! And I really hate that the rest of the world thinks that that is how we all are in the USA.
    As Reva said, Obama kicked butt in Oregon! WooHoo! I think it’s just a matter of time until Hillary caves.
    You have really enlightened all of us, and I personally thank you so much!

    Warmest of Hugs,

  2. Reva says:

    Obama kicked butt in OR, in case the media you have access to didn’t make that clear. %^) His rally here on Sunday was the largest one ever, according to his campaign people. Jerry and I were so glad we made the effort to be there!

  3. Linda Kanagaa says:

    Regarding your hours with Fox – I forgot to turn off the TV one night and woke upin the middle of George Bush speech. How much of that went into my deep consciousness? I’ve never heard the word fishwrap – how canI use it in writing. We definitely need some local color in our uncreative everyday speech before it becomes extinct and we all talk like New York TV announcers. My mother always said ‘Katy, bar the door!’ (and I’m not Katy.) Was it a threat or a warning? We knew that something ominous had happened or was going to happen.

  4. Amy says:

    I have enjoyed the post of your trip. I love to travel and it has been far to long since I have been abroad.

  5. dee says:

    I can hardly believe it’s almost over. I’m so enjoying the daily travelog. Hope Mr. C (and you) have a healthy trip home. Fox news is the worst. We enjoy the BBC on PBS in the evening. News media here is a misnomer. It’s all about the so-called celebs and as much as they can make up without actually presenting real happening of the day. I’ve taken to calling it Cut & Paste news. You only get what they want you to hear about. Yesterday one of the stupid channels actually headed the report with info on American Idol first and Ted Kennedy as the second story. It’s all fishwrap now.
    Sorry your trip is nearly at and end but happy you’re heading home soon. Miss your presence.

  6. Kristin L says:

    If I can’t get CNN International or BBC then I prefer a news blackout. American “news” is really just drama — the more the better. Blech. Having just experienced a travel day with a less than optimal gastro-intestinal situation my fingers are crossed that Mr C feels better and that the virus skips you. Safe travels home.

  7. Jeannie says:

    Love the photos and your commentary. Fox news? No wonder some people do not like us! Obama is winning Oregon and really had a fantastic turnout for his town hall meetings and rallies. The pieced hangings are beautiful. Did one find it’s way into your suitcase? Travel safe and stay healthy. Cheers.

  8. terry grant says:

    Thanks for the special colorful photo! All your photos are great.

    Fox news–yech. However, I have to tell you that when we were in Mexico last year we got CNN in the hotel and all the news coverage on CNN was about the death of Anna Nichole Smith and the woman astronaut that drove to Florida in a diaper. I can’t even imagine what the rest of the world learns about our country from the news.

  9. Mary from California says:

    My sister-in-law’s parents, who now live in Israel, only watched Fox News here in the USA. They liked it because they felt it was pro-Israel. Whatever happened to liking the news because it tells the truth, not because it has the right point of view?

    Am really enjoying your posts, what a wonderful trip!