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It’s All About Lisa Today


Thirty-eight years ago today, I was very large with child – slighty past the due date!!  We lived in Schenectady. NY, and the temps had been hovering around 20 below for days. The weather changed and we experienced a thaw. We knew right then that we were having a brilliant child who knew enough to wait for decent weather to be born. Elisabeth Ann came bursting into the world with a smile on her face and was dubbed the most beautiful baby by the nurses who did not want to let her go home. She had a temperment to match. Lisa, as we would call her, became the family cheer leader and organizer and was always ready for a good time. But, oh, that smile. As you will see in this photo montage, her smile is radiant.

Lisa is a champion master swimmer and competes in meets throughout the country. Here she is having one of her early swims. (Check out the babe giving her swim lessons!!)


She was always an animal lover:


Here she is ready for the ballet, pretty in pink.

Lisa (in the center) dancing to her own music. (That would be Lisa!)

What was she thinking, but she still is smiling!!


She loved to take part in school and church plays.

Lisa, the pianist.


Still smiling:


Is that the same red bathing suit?


Here she is with her bigger little sister, Stephanie:

Lisa as college graduate with her cool big brother, Mark.

Now for your enjoyment – the Lisa smile times 3!!




Happy birthday, Lili!! Dad and I love you very much.

Oh, and look at the amaryllis!!


8 Responses to “It’s All About Lisa Today”

  1. PaMdora says:

    Great photo story, but what I like best is that amazing swimsuit in photo #2!

  2. Terry Grant says:

    What a beautiful baby–to a beautiful young woman. Love all that hair in the baby pix! I also love the interactions between Gerrie and daughters on your blogs–nice to get that inside glimpse of such a loving family.

  3. jenclair says:

    She does have a killer smile – and lots of talent, too.

  4. stephanie says:

    loved looking at these pictures!

    (although, i am pretty sure that is actually me playing the piano…must have been the one time i sat down to practice)

  5. lisa says:

    thank you mom!! what a joy to wake up and read this!! i love you so much! wow.

  6. DebR says:

    HappyHappy Birthday, Lisa! I hope you have a wonderful day, full of joy.

  7. Lisa says:

    Happy Birthday to Lisa! Amazing how we’re both Elizabeths (although I like her spelling better and my mom said she would have used that if she’d thought of it) AND my mom called me Lili or Lili Bells when I was little. She’s a rare beauty 🙂

  8. Mary Manahan says:

    Oh, Gerrie, Lisa is GORGEOUS…you and your whole family are! You must be so proud!

    And aren’t you glad you’re not in Schenectady now?