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Art Quilt Claremont Day Four

It is aways so sad for me to see the workshop rooms get torn down. After four days, you develop strong attachments to others and it is hard to have it end. Now for some answers to questions. My dear daughter Lisa wanted to know where the desserts are. We have actually had beautiful and delicious desserts, but have not had my camera at dinner with me so now dessert photography.

The lovely screened background in the cross quilt is thermofax screen that Jane brought with her. Lots of us enjoyed using it. It free clipart that she used. Speaking of the cross quilt – here is the final piece with copper foiled crosses. I screen printed the glue with a freezer paper cut out:


Here is a close-up:


For this piece I screen printed some black graphics and gave it gold foiled spirals for a final touch:


Here is a close-up:


This piece was conceived and executed this afternoon in about and hour and a half. (The glue for the foil has to dry for an hour!) I used the same stencil that I made in three ways: discharge, paint and foil. The back ground is rayon that started in a yellow and was over-dyed with olive green. It was folded and held with rubber bands:




For this piece which I showed yesterday, I stamped a larger linear design over the surface using reddish orange textile paint and then foiled with turquoise with the same stencil that was used in an earlier layer:


I started this piece this afternoon. It has only two layers done. I covered the background with the same stamp as above, using a paint that I mixed. I then stenciled the circles in the blue-green. Not sure what I’ll do next!!


Here is Liz’s design wall – beautiful stuff – of course!


Deb R came by for a quick visit today, but didn’t hang around long. Liz didn’t even get to see her, she was in and out so fast.

Let me say that I am so glad that I took this class. It was so worth it and I see my work going a new direction. I am going to do a year long follow-up correspondence course with Jane. She also does a class on developing your own personal imagery which would be a great class to take.

10 Responses to “Art Quilt Claremont Day Four”

  1. Carol Larson says:

    Great posts on your move and the Dunnewold workshop. As one who has taken the intensive, the correspondence course and the personal imagery (a groupie?) I say go for it. It will transform your already outstanding work. It certainly has helped me develop my own style. CAROL

  2. PaMdora says:

    Oh Gerrie, you’ve done some fantastic things in your workshop, but I think you will really profit from doing the year-long correspondence course. My friend did that last year, and I think having an extended length of time to work on each project really help her to develop some great stuff. She said Jane always did well-written thoughtful evaluations also.

  3. teri says:

    That last piece that you didn’t know what to do next with (with the blue foiling)….COPPER.

    Great stuff. I knew you would love Jane and her class.


  4. Neasa says:

    Your work is just so magnificent! I love the color choices & the vibrant energy. Great stuff!

    I hope you don’t mind – I linked to you in my blog’s favorites.

    Best, Neasa

  5. Karoda says:

    This is the type of workshop that seems life changing in one’s art! The pieces you’ve shown are amazing!

  6. I WANT that green fabric! I love greens, look good in greens, and the leaves! Oh, so beautiful! The only bad thing about the blog is that you can’t reach into the computer screen and touch the fabric, drape it against your face, etc.

  7. Debra Roby says:

    Hey… the parking was $4 for an hour!! We wandered around, looked into every class, and visited with the conference help. You were all so intent on working, I felt like I was disturbing.

    I am signing up for Rayna’s class next year. And at that parking cost, wondering if I can talk the spouse into driving me…

  8. DebR says:

    You ended up with some really beautiful stuff, Gerrie!

    (Mary, I think she means Deb Roby)

  9. Mary Manahan says:

    Wait a minute – Deb R from Kentucky was in CA? But isn’t she recovering from an illness?

    Your rayon piece is astounding! Looks like a wonderful workshop!

  10. Liz Berg says:

    Gerrie! You have done such wonderful work! It even shows up well on your blog but it is really beautiful in person. Ya done good!