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Retro Grandma


I saw an ad for a retro Cosco red stool at our neighborhood discount store. Being vertically challenged, I can always use a step stool in the kitchen and I thought this would fit right in with our 50’s house.


I opened the box and found the parts:


Last night M & M spent the night and so while they played Nutcracker Ballet, I assembled the chair. We have a large collection of classical music. Mia said. "Gramma, you have a lot of ballet music!" So we decided that we need to have a second set of ballerina clothes here for her to perform in. She really wanted something special to wear, so I told her that when ballerina’s practice they dress just like she was dressed. That seemed to satisfy her. She was the princess and Milo was a Knight.

Here is Milo trying out the chair after it was assembled:


And then Mia gave it a try:


Did you notice the new rug in the background? We bought it yesterday. It is a Pakistani rug and I just love the colors. Here are a couple of other views:



And here is the new carpet for Mr. C’s office:


We are making progress. Tomorrow will not be a good day for getting work done. We have church in the morning and then we want to stop by Crafty Wonderland to see  how Steph is doing. It is her first foray into the craft show circuit. Then we are going to Cirque du Soleil at 5 pm.

7 Responses to “Retro Grandma”

  1. Terry Grant says:

    I grew up with a step stool that was identical, only yellow to go in my Mom’s ’50s era yellow, gray and bottle green kitchen. The last time I saw it, it was in my brother’s garden shed well splotched with drips of paint, documenting every color my parents ever painted in their later house–very ’60s aquas, pinks and rose beiges.

  2. Judy says:

    Love the rugs! The second one looks like a snowball quilt.
    Ah, and yes, we had a stool exactly like that in our kitchen when I was growing up! What a comfort to see that those things are still appreciated.
    Looks like you guys are having a great time grandparenting!!

  3. teri says:

    Hmmm….no Costco here. I love that stool. Perfect color for my kitchen (which is yellow with red accents). Those rugs WOULD make great quilts!! Can’t wait to see more of how the house is shaping up.


  4. I remember one of those stools in my Mother’s kitchen. Another reminder of the olden days. Maybe I can find one in this neck of the woods!

  5. lisa says:

    love the stool.

  6. DebR says:

    Love the rugs and the VERY cool retro red stool!

    Mia is so gorgeous!

  7. Cool rugs–they’d make cool quilts too.