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Progress Report

Here is the set up for working on the very large piece that has my attention. Mr. C fashioned these tables that are long enough to work on a section of this at a time. I am starting with the center, which will get lightly fused and then I will do the top and the bottom. I then hope to put it on the design wall and make any adjustments. After that I will give it a final fuse and start quilting. The crosses will be added after the quilting phase.


Here is the warm color end:


Here is the cool end. I started on this side, but decided I was not happy with my blues and greens so I dyed some more today.


Here are my new blues and greens so I can get back to my layout tomorrow.


I knew this would be a big job and now I am right in the middle of it and I am getting excited to finish the fusing and start quilting. The quilting is fairly simple so I am hoping I can do it on my Janome by rolling up each end while I quilt the other. I know that people have done king-size quilts on normal machines so I have high hopes!!

As a reminder, here is the original quilt that I did for my church in Santa Rosa. It was seen by the folks in Alabama and that is why I was asked to to this. This is 98 inches long and 18 inches wide.


8 Responses to “Progress Report”

  1. Cindra says:

    For some reason no picture of your original piece shows up and I would really like to see it because this is so beautiful!

  2. Looking goooooooooood!

    Shirley in New Zealand

  3. Sally Morris says:

    Geri, When Sue Benner does these large pieces she quilts each half and then puts them together. Could you do this? It will be sensational.

  4. Jen Anderson says:

    The fabulous color gives me goosebumps. It’s fun watching it all come together, bit by bit. Jen

  5. bobbi says:

    It’s wonderful to watch your process as you build the quilt…thanks!

  6. liz berg says:

    This is going to be stunning! It already sings…Holy Spirit!

  7. dee says:

    OOOOOOOO AHHHHHHHH…go to it girl.Stunning colors. How it will light the area where it will hang!Dare I say divine?

  8. Judy says:

    Looks great!!